Disposable 3-Ply Face Masks (100-Pack)

All of the blue masks that I received break as soon as you put them on. No matter how gentle you are, the elastic loop snaps off the mask when you put it on your face. 1/2 of these are completely defective.

I don’t know about this JP guy but these are the masks that fauci says don’t work at all. I guess that’s why you don’t see lab workers doing gain of function research using them, just saying. I’m going to listen to fauci

Well, masks work most by holding in the droplets FROM the person expelling. Consider that surgeons did not wear N-95 masks while doing surgery and ANY postop infection gets reviewed. They used plain “surgical masks” to contain micro droplets and by and large they worked to attenuate by about 65% any spread. Did did not wear them to protect themselves pre-COVID. They did not pass out and pitch into the open chest/abdomen from “poisonous” CO2. Strange myths in the USA defy rational thought and produce 680K deaths.

To protect self - which is a different matter - then yes, 2 layer masks reduce by 80- to 90%. KN95 reduce 90-95%. Certified N-95 reduce 95% per NIOSH tests.

People who think the 3 ply face masks do not work might consider that an early known US citizen who knew he was infected, arranged to go to an Emergency Room and he was smart enough to wear 2 layers even in Feb 2020. No one was infected due to his thoughtfulness. In Asia, they wear masks as a responsibility they feel towards other people. Not so much for selves. It did help them to respond as a group.


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Not quite $1.99, but close…$2.75 for 50…


If you do a search for disposable masks and sort by low-to-high price, there are masks selling for $0.01. I wouldn’t trust it, but they’re out there.