Disposable 4-Layer KN95 Mask 40/80/120

KN95 are better than the regular surgical masks we’ve been using so far.

They are not for use in an ICU or EMT situations where breathing in the virus is an issue.

The current “authenticity” issue based on code-imprinted (or lacking) KN95 masks is not a panic issue.

I suspended a mask (the red package with 105 on the package) and poured water into it. It took a good 30 minutes to start leaking the water in a drip manner.

That, and the price, sealed the doubts.

CDC is not involved here as these are not NIOSH masks!

This may be useful to some folks as well.


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According to the CDC, legitimate KN95 should also be stamped with text, including the name of the manufacturer, the model, and “GB2626-2019,” which is a reference to a quality control standard approved by the Chinese government. (If your mask has a GB number that ends in 2006, which is a previous standard, just check the expiration date.) The masks I (and others) received do not have these markings, and should NOT be considered safe for use. They are not legitimate KN95 products, and create a false sense of security if wearing them for COVID protection. I would expect WOOT to address this head on, and fully acknowledge selling a product that does not meet the safety guidelines implied.

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That marking only applies to masks made after July 1, 2021, according to this article from the New York Times:

Masks made before that had no such requirements.

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)


If counterfeiters are willing to lie about an item being made by Louis Vuitton, a few letters and symbols is definitely not going to deter them. People are exhibiting childlike wonderment if they think that protects them.

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The KN95 standard requires that masks made after July 1, 2021, be stamped with GB2626-2019, which provides reassurance that the manufacturer constructed the mask according to current Chinese respirator standards. These have no stamp, Counterfeit or not, they are marked with the required legitimate stamp.

Given that this listing wasn’t turned back on. I think the “legitimacy” question is answered.

we relisted them with corrected information. we try not to change live sales if possible.

For what it is worth, I requested a refund. For the following reasons.

First the box I received does not match the listing (Disposable 4-Layer KN95 Mask). The box I received has no company branding at all. Only “Distributed by Safte Labs 4315-D Walney RD Chantilly, VA 20151.”

Further, the masks on the packaging of the box I did receive doesn’t seem to match those inside the individual bags. The masks on the packaging appear sealed, whereas the masks I did receive have perforated holes in them. (Though from testing it does appear they hold water so they aren’t fully perforated) Additionally, the masks on the individual packaging show a model number M105 printed/stamped on them, whereas the actual masks only have KN95 and no model number printed on them. The small included “Certification of Inspection” paper doesn’t match the model on the box/individual packaging. It says Model is ZM026 and the masks themself show M105.