Disposable 4-Layer KN95 Mask

I will always try and buy American Made and I won’t be talked down by you or anyone. I went by what I read on Amazon when looking for masks 2 Yrs back!
Your point of view is noted.:us:

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I try to buy American whenever possible! That’s not always easy to do.
Here’s one on Amazon made in the USA (from globally sourced materials)

Now that I’ve had my shots and a booster, I really am happy wearing a mask that lets me into stores & places with a mask mandate. A thin cloth one is good for me.


It’s not a “point of view.” Please Google “KN95 stands for” just to satisfy your curiosity. You may want to use professional level sources of information not ads or consumer postings in Amazon. Like the journal and research articles we used professionally to successfully protect staff in our multiple health care sites using published data. Zero infected Patient to staff transmissions in 23 months unlike most sister corporations in a hotzone some of which had deaths among their staff.

@daveinwarshington is right. It was not easy to purchase critically needed supplies “Made in the USA.”

We were fortunate alternatives sources were available. N-95 Mask production:


i wear these while drywalling still dont work, lungs etc

covid they work perfectly tho

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To work ideally well an N-95 mask (KN95 vary but this also applies) needs to be fitted. Some of our doctors cannot get a tight seal due to the shape of their jaws.

That doctor does find a very good fit with a (Chinese-made) N-95 mask that conforms against one’s face much better. It is snug and Amazon reviewers complain it is tight, but I appreciate it for being so. It is what I prefer if I have to travel and can comfortably wear it for 4 to 8 hours at a time.

Made by BYD, a large industrial company that also makes electric cars of all things. I find they fit better than even 3M masks most of which also come from China. They are pricier than KN95 Masks. A very major difference is that N-95 masks go over neck and head snuggly instead of loose loops behind the ears.

Hope this helps you get less drywall particulate matter in your lungs.

Main thing to try to remember is that masks are intended to trap micro droplets in case you are mildly or severely sick so that you do not infect frail and otherwise less strong individuals than yourself. You do it out of kindness for other people, not to protect yourself unless you are a healthcare provider dealing with lots of sick patients.

Why the CDC could not get this basic, essential message out to the US public in February of 2020 and for 9+ months after still puzzles me.


And Warren Buffett owns a piece of BYD:


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You are right @tf1 Warren Buffett is a corporate profitability fundamentals, value based investor. And has been right more than wrong for 45+ years. He reads in excess of 500 pages of financial data per day! He has increased his investment in BYD 9 fold below.

That’s 'merican enough for me! :cowboy_hat_face:

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BYD as you know @tf1 , is a giant conglomerate apparently in China, but little known here. Impressed by their product quality as much as I am with 3M masks that likely also were made in China. Should we make strategic items in the USA? Absolutely, but a 4th surge is mounting. The need here and now (not 5 years from now).

So hope more folks understand the spread is real. Get the protection they need such as the KN95 masks here. Post thanksgiving promises to be major surge with 53 million people traveling and from what I saw in the midwest, little awareness of basic steps to protect themselves.


yeah i dont want to get into this as this is a “fun” site

when i see people wearing a mask with with a beard… i seriously cringe

and honestly n95 doesnt stop a virus… im self censoring to not upset people

It’s not a single virion based on well-respected, replicated lab and clinical research studies. It’s been posted so will not be repeated. It is microdroplets. And masks do work. I am a physician and have helped protect our staff for 22 months. Despite their being exposed there were no Patient to staff infections. No staff to staff. Other comparable centers 50% sick. The few staff in our centers who were sick got it from parents or spouse and did not spread to work place. They were safer at work with masking in place and 97% vaccination.

Masks for the public should be used to contain droplet not to protect the wearer.
To protect those not yet sick.

Only in the US is the focus so excessively on self. And 798,245 dead are sad testament to the consequences of selfishness and stubborn denial. Assumptions many in the USA are making have resulted in the following that was warning us to act even in June of last year: