Disposable KN95 Face Masks

First of all, lol @jvspencer linking to a video posted by a group called Biblical Science Institute who is attempting to dissuade people from wearing masks. Lol.

Here are common sense facts, no reading what churches are trying to convince you of about their political leanings. No scientists using foreign jargon.

Spit. Spit contains particles that include coronas virus. Makes sense? Just like common cold particles or food particles. So wearing a mask stops spit from moving past your face. It stays within the mask. It isn’t rocket science or any science. It just is. A piece of cloth stops spit. Arguments can be made about all the nuaces in between how affective wearing masks are and in what situations and on and on. If everyone wore masks for the reason it stops spit, their spit from going into the air, we would be better off as a society and less people would be sick or dying/dead. It isn’t science. It isn’t religion. It is basic stuff a 3 year old knows. Toddlers spit all the time. Put a mask on them and watch them try to spit. They’ll learn in a few seconds that the spit goes nowhere except into their face within the mask. So why even try to argue this muck? Babies know better. Put your dang mask on, control your spit, save a few lives while you to the gym or shopping or wherever you go. It should not even be up for discussion. 4 teachers died in a week of Corona virus in Broward County in Florida. The list goes on and on. Spit, it stops with a piece of cloth. It keeps the spread down. Less people die. What’s not to understand.

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I appreciate your enthusiasm and I am all for masks and mask mandates, vaccines, staying home, whatever science/datas suggests is the best way to go. Frankly, everyone should have been covering the mouths/noses when coughing and sneezing long before any of this …

That being said, I wish the virus spreading was as clear cut as spit - something visible to the eye.

The debate, is whether the mask material (each mask being made of different material, material quality
, # of layers) is even effective in reducing the microscopic virus

Imo, I agree with you, wearing a mask isn’t hurting anyone and has the potential to save lives - so why not

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These arrived for me last week. I was surprised to see it was 100 individually packaged masks …

I would not buy them again – they are pretty loose-fitting and I doubt they are forming much of a seal, which kind of negates the purpose of a KN95 mask. I have a big head and most masks are tight on me, so I imagine if it’s loose on me, it’ll be almost hanging off the faces of people with smaller heads.

In hindsight, I guess there was a good reason why they were so cheap.

Have you tried tying loops in ear straps to make it fit tighter to your face?

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Peaceetc’s suggestion to just tie a knot is what I have done.
Mothership and other vendors carry these reusable plastic beads for tightening loops - they are super cheap. It comes with a thin hook to pull the loop through and then you cinch them to adjust for seal and comfort. Good so you do not need to toss the mask if you tied it so tight your ears hurt and you have a free face lift.

Coincidentally I recently read an article about her in Wired magazine:

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Thank you. Linsey Marr’s research at Virginia Tech was groundbreaking. She’s made a name for herself internationally and deservedly for well-done studies. Over 200 medical and scientific folk signed a letter to the WHO asking them to get a clue about transmission. Their internal inability to get things right truly embarrassing.

The WHO has developed severe credibility issues starting with really lethal mistakes advising on PPE for Ebola. It was easy to spot their lack of logic in handling gloves with infectious fomites. That said, I do understand when they plead that third world countries need vaccines from America. The unfortunate fact is that those impoverished nations where vaccination rates are as low as 3% and surges occur could be sources of mutations that affect us.

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[sarcasm] But those people are from “over there”, they can’t possibly affect us “over here”. [/sarcasm] :wink:

Description says 5 ply, but actual pkg I received says 4!

I’m sorry about that. Please reach out to Woot! Customer Service.

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I purchased the similarly advertised Zhejiang L’Meri KN95s from Woot on August 9th and the linked testing certificate matched the product. Mask expiration dates a year after production (5/18/21) should only affect the elasticity of the ear loops if the masks are individually packaged and stored at a reasonable temperature. I have a small face, in between child and adult for most masks. I have worn properly fitted N95 masks previously. The KN95s I received give me a decent fit and have worked well to mitigate pollen exposure while doing yardwork, dust from sanding furniture, and dust from housecleaning. For those uses they have been a welcome substitute for N95s which I have not been able to affordably source. I strongly suspect the ones being sold today would also perform well for those tasks.

From the amount of moisture retained within the mask from my breath I suspect that for me they might also mitigate some viral transmissions better than some of the commercial cloth masks I have used. Again, I can’t speak to the specific masks showing today. There are a lot of similar looking masks from China and some filter well and others do not.

Got mine. The outer seal of the box was cut, but inside they are all still individually sealed. And had the right count. Similar 4-2020 date as others have had.

Opened one and they’re okay. Nothing great.

They are individually wrapped and folded very flat. Easy to put a few in the laptop bag and in the car as a backups.


Got mine yesterday and while they are very comfortable they will be completely useless. All those perforations you see in the above photo are holes with something that looks like spiderwebbing over them. Totally ridiculous.

It appears to be a common design in many KN95 Masks. Presumably it is so that the masks bends along the partial perforations, to conform to face.

It is taking a two-dimensional object, folding it partially, to be a cone. Supposedly those bends would be part of the folded area and maybe thicker. Whether that design is inherently flawed or not, who knows? In testing they may just check the material for barrier effect. You raise a good point about whether these perforations defeat the purpose.

If you inspect the “perforations” closely they appear to be opaque plastic not open holes in the mask.

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Come to think of it, you are right. I mis-typed/quoted. They are as you stated, not perforations. They are far more likely heat melted plastic from the spun polyester such that it is translucent. The purpose is still to facilitate creases along those lines to form a conical shape.

Here is the current CDC map. People are getting careless with “mask fatigue.” Last year Flu spread was minimal due to lockdowns and better masking. COVID Vaccinations are best means to prevent severe COVID infection but people seem to forget they can be hit hard with Flu and it has started.

Using the KN95 as sold here or even a double mask might keep folks from spreading virus. Too often that essential aspect of how masks function seems lost on Americans. The primary way masks work is more to reduce spread; less to simply protect self. That is why airlines ban valved masks.

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Risk seems like such a fundamentally important concept for our population to understand but isn’t taught much in school and that lack of understanding is literally killing us right now. No, masks don’t prevent 100% of spread but they do reduce the risk of transmission and the better the mask (and adherence to wearing it) the more transmission is reduced. We now have RCT evidence for that. It doesn’t have to be a black and white argument: does it prevent 100% of particles from going through or not, as this debate is suggesting.

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