DisruptiveStrong Exercise Bags


I don’t get it…$150+ for a bag which is probably full of sand.

Bag with multiple handles (use depends on what movement you are doing). Should be well built to withstand abuse (like being dropped from overhead with bursting).

If you’re just doing a firemans carry or a farmers carry, then yeah, you could use something cheaper and more basic.

How cool is that?! No, really…I am asking…

Even with a firemans carry, do not expect any ordinary bag to survive more than one or two times with weighted material inside. I can speak from sad, and log cleanups, experience. Then the price seems low for this bag, if it works well.

“Advanced” buys you more sand for 100 bucks? Is that the only difference?

Yes, advanced gets you 100lbs of weight with enough variety to get there in 10lb increments.