Friends link - http://shirt.woot.com/Friends.aspx?k=4283 - to purchase after today.



Ironic but this is my 2nd fav design from the derby. In for 1 again.


…or not…



i like but the big M on it


hahah cool shirt! gotta slam big business, ya just gotta. though the shirt has a loud message… i personally wish the main color of the shirt wasn’t so loud.


Kind of a cool design…

I can bet there’ll be a lot of double-takes coming at this one…

“wait, what does that say?!?”


In for this. Two nights in a row. Go me.

And to top it off, I just got a pay raise at work. More woots to come…


Meh… Liked last night’s derby winner better.


I like it, first in a long time. Sold!


Why aren’t they telling us the amount of votes it received?



Nice… Very Nice


Very cool! Got myself 1!


What a GOOD shirt!


2 woot shirt buys in 2 nights…go go corporation slams!


Crap, I cant for the life of me tell what the font of “waste” is from… looks like yahoo but i cant tell


It looks a lot different when It’s actually on the shirt, grats on winning. It’s a good thing this one is a blatent parody, it would suck to have that many companies against you in some sort of lawsuit :smiley:

Let’s see how quickly the wooters consume this shirt, last nights was an epic display of consumption.


Woot is throwing caution to the wind! I’m tempted to buy one just to help them pay the bills on their eventual lawsuit.

Seriously, though, thatrobert made a heck of a shirt and I’m glad it got printed. Looks great on that shade of red.


I wish I knew all the logos they’re parodying. Actually, the fact that I don’t know them makes me feel good. So nevermind.