Distil Union Leather Wallet iPhone Case

ah, no 6Plus :frowning:

So this won’t work with an Android?

No, these are only iPhone products this time.

does the cover just cover the back of the Phone? or is there one that covers both front and back?

These cover the back. For front protection, they do have a small lip that keeps you from scratching the face of the phone when placed face down.

Nate at Distil Union

So instead of just losing your phone, you can lose your wallet as well…

Thank you for your reply. :o)

While I know your comment was meant to be sarcastic, I thought I’d mention the flip side: if you lose your wallet, you actually have a chance to GPS find it with your phone. I’ve been using a wallet case since my 4S. It’s nice because I don’t have to carry a purse, especially in busy places where I am trying to shop. Do you know how easy it is for someone to swipe your bag out of a cart? And not that I have ever lost either a wallet or a phone, but I’m more aware of my phone when my wallet is with it too because its that much more important to me.

You’re exactly right! I’ve had friends call my wallet a few times to find it:) If you use the Find My Phone app, your wallet is now trackable. Pretty sweet. I carry a debit card, a credit card and an ID in mine and digitize the rest of my cards with the PocketWallet App.

Nate at Distil Union

I currently have a wallet case, which is nice, but can’t use my selfie stick with it, and missed a lot of great vacation pics. This case would work. I WANT THIS CASE! I have an iPhone 6 plus. BOOO!! Please come out with the 6+ model!

My exact thoughts also - I can lose my phone, cash, credit cards, and dl all at once!

Android users are smarter than that - who wants to lose their phone and wallet also … uhhh I guess iPhone users do.

I use a stick on wallet pouch that works super fabulously well. I highly recommend them, especially if you can’t find a wallet case you like.

I have a Wally Case on my 5S and I have loved it! I get compliments on it daily.

I’m getting a 6 in May so I think I will grab a new wally case early.

I can’t recommend it enough!

We have a 6+ also. Just not on Woot for this deal.

IDK about you, but I’ve misplaced my wallet the last few years more often than I’ve misplaced my phone.