Diversion Washington Red Mix (6)

Diversion Washington Red Mix 6-Pack
$79.99 $144.00 44% off List Price
2013 Diversion Cabernet Sauvignon, Washington
2012 Diversion Merlot, Washington
2012 Diversion Majestic Red Blend, Washington
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Wow, some young reds. What’s the drinking window on these?

And thanks for not rounding off the ABV numbers. That .01 makes a difference.

Don’t everyone talk at once!

Any notes on these? I’ll be honest, I don’t have substantial experience with WA-state red wines (although SWMBO and I really enjoyed all of the Raised By Wolves wines that we’ve had).

I assume the standard–California will have more ripe fruit tastes and smells in its red wines, while cooler climates will have more herbaceous and vegetal notes/tastes–is true?

I am also interested. I don’t usually buy in larger quantities, but a 3x2 mixed half case is slightly closer to my sweet spot, and for once, something I’m interested in ships to NJ. Anyone have any experience with these?

Yes, I agree about shipping to NJ. It doesn’t happen often enough, especially with something that sounds interesting. I did find some positive reviews on Tastings.com: http://www.tastings.com/search_wine.lasso?se=k&kw=diversion&sb=All&sf=ScoreForSort&dt=208

The reds are young. the Cab was bottled about 3 months ago. With that said it just scored a 90 points, Gold Medal, Cellar Selection and Best Buy http://www.tastings.com/scout_wine.lasso?id=209780

The reds are well structured, not simple wines, especially for the price point.

These reds are meant to drink now - five years.

Yes. CA does tend to have overripe fruit and WA a little higher acid. WA reds are not simple and green though. WA delivers structured well developed reds. Summers are very hot and dry in Eastern WA. It really depends on the fall as to how the grape will round out. Last 3 years have been spectacular. For tasting notes, you can go to the Diversion Website: http://diversionwine.com/wines/

2013 Cab has not been added to web yet. Here is the tasting note for the 2013 Cab: : Eucalyptus, fresh summer berries, cassis and cookie crumb nose, cinnamon palate with big, velvety mouth, great length with molten chocolate, round medium tannins.
This Cab just got a 90 point score from Beverage Testing Institute.

Thanks Damian. Are you the winemaker, owner, marketing guy?

Winemaker is Katy Michaud. I am the winery owner.

I’d bite, but no love/shipping for CT :frowning:

It is nice they are keen to the gravity of the situation.

For those of you looking for value, this looks like a good one. Washington can produce some great reds, so don’t let that hold you back.

Thought about this one long enough. In for one.