DIY 3D Dollhouse Puzzle

DIY 3D Dollhouse Puzzle

Do you just receive luck of the draw?

Never mind, I see which one it is now - sorry

Which is interesting, since I don’t see the corresponding picture.

Same :joy:

This pricing is not a good deal. I have had these in a shopping list on Amazon for a few months now. I was going to make them as a gift for use on bookshelves. The regular price was $39.99 for all that time.

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Thank you for mentioning about the cost, bc I had wanted to get some for gifts and was disappointed, but now I know I can still get them at the same price point - do you have any first hand knowledge of these, are they as cute in person as they look online? What level of craftiness would you say is required (basic, middle, advanced, whatever)

I do not have any first-hand knowledge of these, just what I have gleaned from reviews. Everyone says that it takes a high level of dedication and a good set of the mini crafting tools required to make these. That being said, they do look really cute when they are done. I planned to get one of a bookshop and install the LED light kit. It will then sit in a bookshelf.