DIY at-Home Vasectomy Kit! Prank Box

DIY at-Home Vasectomy Kit! Prank Box

Lol wut.


It’s for a card game.

It is confusing. Shows cards like it is a game but also shows it is an empty prank box.

Funny nonetheless.

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Depending on which end one is on.


This one needed the broken English-Chinese description.

Great for loved one, father’s day, graduation, gift, birthday, Kwanzaa, happy.

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It’s an empty box. Lol @ the amazon reviews

Dr Richard (Dick) Payne

Is that the same woman with different dudes?

Practice makes perfect.

I forsee a high-propensity-female purchase demographic

I think Lorena Bobbitt also bought this game.

In very poor taste, even for WOOT.

I thought it was pretty funny actually

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… says the female.

I thought it was somewhat funny.

I would never call genital mutilation “funny” within earshot of… well, anyone. But I’m obsolete, I guess.

That wasn’t the part which I found funny.