DJ Marine Audio

Anybody bought these and installed them? Are they any good??

I bought a couple 6.5’s and a couple 8"'s at the beginning of summer. They seem to be good quality and sound nice. I replaced some cheap marine Pyle’s and they sound a ton better.

As far as I can tell these are re-branded Memphis marine speakers. I’m guessing this is just old stock since I don’t see them on the 2014 catalog but you can find them in the 2013 catalog

Google these model numbers and see what I mean. Compare the images and the description.
15-MM82 - Memphis 8" Marine Coaxial Speaker
Memphis 15-MM62 6.5 marine coaxial speaker

I’m going to use these to upgrade my cooler radio (Primarily for tubing). Now that I’m a bit more confident that they’re not total garbage I’m debating on how many of what size to buy.