DJI Mavic Pro Drone or Fly More Bundle

If these are new, why are they covered under a Woot warranty instead of DJI’s warranty?

Sometimes when working on a great price, we have to make some sacrifices on the warranty.

So if it doesn’t have a dji warranty, do you know if it is still possible to purchase the dji care refresh protection where you get a new one if from fly aways and water damage?

Got my Mav pro dji refurb a few months back for $699 but with a full yr dji warranty. I went with the $60/yr State Farm personal articles insurance which covers total loss - which dji care doesn’t do. I fly over water frequently…

Its too bad the new Platinum model isn’t available. I just missed my chance on MassDrop last week and I’m convinced it is well worth the extra, plus I want the DJI FPV Goggles.

On, the Platinum is $1,099; upgrading it to the Fly More Combo costs $1,399, OR with the Goggles instead it costs $1,398. With BOTH options $1,698.

Good idea. Did they actually cover the specific item (mavic pro) or was it just part of a home owners add on? Seems like a good idea, maybe better and easier than dji care.

Doing research to decide what to do, buy this offer, or get a refurb at with refresh option. I considered the Platinum, but I can get the Platinum props for the pro, with the benefit that it will make it a little quieter and slightly longer battery life. Not as good as the platinum but still better than stock.