DJI Phantom 2 Backpack Bundle


Apparently there are “v1”, “v2”, and “v3” models of the Phantom 2. However there don’t seem to be good details about how these differ.

Here are some prices I’ve found:
DJI Phantom 2 with Zenmuse (v1): $730
DJI Phantom 2 with Zenmuse (v2): $860
Fearless Engage Backpack for DJI Phantom 2: $150

So at most you’re getting the backpack free. Because the v1 is cheaper, and there is already a v3 for sale ($680, no gimbal) I don’t think this is a great deal.

The main issue I see is that ordering from Woot means no returns.

You are looking at the wrong Phantom. That is the V1.0 and not the updated V2.0 that we are selling.

Currently selling for $859.00

Guys, I’m confused, please help. I see the price on other places as $859 + $149. Where are you seeing this for $730 + $149? This is the version 2.0, which I’ve been wanting to get since it has better remote controller and upgraded motors. Is this the best price on 2.0, assuming I want a backpack (which seems like a good idea depending on how heavy it ends up being). Please let me know if you find a better price for this cause I’m going to buy.

Is there a way to find out which gimbal this has? Is it the v1.0 or v1.1?

Still referring to RC aircraft as drones.

Further perpetuating the stereotype that the RC hobby is dangerous and give more fuel to the media and government overlords to further work to ban the hobby.


Not really. “Drones” is just one syllable and easier to say in casual discussion than “RC helicopter”. I don’t think anyone expects you to cause any harm with these.

I’m thinking of getting one, but I seldom drink alcohol, especially to excess, and I don’t work for the government. Would I still be a qualified pilot? If I accidentally fly this onto the White House lawn while sober, would I be subject to fines and/or imprisonment?

No, but you’d still be a total moron.

A drone is anything that has automation. This has plenty of automation built in. It is a drone.


Watch out, users are going to fly that thing over people, airport, concerts, into building, onto the white house lawn.

Seriously, yall heard of arducopter, multiwii, cc3d pilots crashing their drones as often as dji pilots?

Just saying

Agreed. Me and my friends Refuse to call them drones. Quad-copter, RC, helicopter, but anything other than “drone”…pffft.


The description says this comes with one battery pack and the specs say it includes two, which is correct? If it is in fact two then it is not a bad deal.

Comes with 1 battery pack. I’ll look into why it is showing 2.

Apologies! I’ve updated my post with new info + links.

Actually, this has basically NO automation. Automation is behavioral decision making done by a computer, these systems have automatic flight control (gyro stabilization) but rely on a human operator to do the decision making. I.e.: Not a drone.

People choose odd things to get worked up about.

Hate to see what happens when someone calls puffs tissues Kleenex.

Not sure I totally agree. For example, if this device loses contact with it’s controller it can be set to autonomously return to it’s launching point and land itself. So in the basic most interpretation, it does operate on it’s own.

How about when the judge calls your water gun a fully automatic firearm?

In this case, a name does matter. These are hobby quadcopters, drones are what you see dropping bombs in the middle east.

You guys are as bad as Obama refusing to use ‘Islamic Terrorist’…

I haven’t moved up to a drone, yet, but do fly a cheap quadrocopter, it will do a flip at the press of a button. It doesn’t hold it’s position when I release the controls, doesn’t return home on it’s own. Doesn’t land gently when the battery is low.

This one has plenty of automated features. You don’t need weapons, to call it a drone. Amazon is working on delivery drones, though they may need weapons in some neighborhoods.

If these were half the price of new, Id probably jump on it, even though it’s not really what I want, since I could add to it.