DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter w/ Zenmuse for GoPro


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Twenty dollars less than Amazon. Here’s the reviews.

[MOD EDIT: Link is for previous DJI Phantom Model]

Solid reviews (4 out of 5 stars) over at

Please note that today’s DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter is version 2.0 which is $799 on Amazon and has improved flight time over previous $699 model: Previous DJI Phantom Model

So the gimbal doesn’t come installed. Here’s hoping your install goes better than mine did. Actual documentation to install the thing was nonexistent on my Phantom.
Luckily youtube is full of half baked videos from teenagers describing what should work.
This looks like the upgraded version so maybe DJI has improved the install process.

This is not a woot, this is a months rent… Maybe make a woot for rich people or something

Hey! Just in time for this national news item!

This deal is Phantom 2 version 2.0, which is $799 at Amazon and $859 at
Version 2.0 has:Upgraded props and motors for more thrust. Rechargeable battery built in the controller and Gimbal control dial on the remote.

I sell a lot of Drones this is a nice drone, But with the Phantom 3 out now, the Phantom 2 have come down and will continue to come down. I was lucky to get rid of all my Phantom 2, Well all but 1 Vision that I plan on keeping myself. I lost a little money on the last 3 I sold.

Bought this exact bundle for my husband for Christmas. If you are looking to get into quad copter flying this is a great entry level option. Super easy ro fly. But do your research and understand the limits. He spent a few months researching the restrictions as well as best practices recommended from the hobbyist community to avoid risk to your unit and others. Things like staying under 500 ft, line of sight flight, flying during the day, etc. Those rules only apply to commercial use, but hobbyists should still respect those guidelines.

This unit has software that allows you to put in a height limit. It also has an auto return to home feature (and it works beautifully).

I would also recommend an app like Solar Activity Monitor which will let you know if it safe to fly. Solar x-rays (which can mess up your GPS) and geometric field (which can affect your compass). Issues with either are the primary cause of fly aways.

A lot of people start with cheap quadcopters in the $60 range as their entry level, but without the features like this one has, they are actually much harder to control and use safely.

Is it OK to shoot one of these down if it flies over my rural three acres taking photos?

Not a bad deal but as mentioned, prices will probably drop over the next few months. Much better deals can be had on used Phantoms as many people are selling their Phantom 2 Vision and Vision Plus models as they are jumping up to the Phantom 3. The Phantom 3 is a huge leap above this at $1000 (for the 1080p model).

doesnt come with a go pro…?

[MOD: Camera not included. It comes with the gimbal for mounting.]


We are very much in the beginning of Drone technology. Factor that in when deciding to enter the market. Buy now or wait till it matures a bit.

As more companies enter the Drone market place the price will drop as it becomes Saturated with units.

If you’re buying your first UAV, I wouldn’t spend this much unless you buy a lot of spare parts, also. Buy a cheapie, learn how to fly the thing, then maybe spend a few bucks on the next one. You will crash it - guaranteed. That’s the Number One rule of model aircraft, so learn how it works and how to repair it.
Never fly over people or even around other people. Never. Sure, after a number of flights, you’re going to feel really cool and maybe want to show off to others. Then, something happens - something always happens - the thing falls from the sky, and hopefully only crashes into pieces rather than hitting someone.

Actually, and surprisingly no. You have very little right to the air space above your property, and Castle defense only plays in if you can prove you were threatened. There have been several cases so far (one famous one in New Jersey) where the shooter had to repay replacement costs and was arrested on illegal gun discharge charges.

THere was another case with environmentalists using a drone to film illegal hunting activities on private property. Drone shot down, gun club had to pay.

These things look serious. Too rich for my blood today, but maybe if hit the lottery.

…and move :frowning:

I bought this exact model a few months ago. It is very fast and if you are not careful it will get out of control but that pretty much goes for anything. I have had other quads before some cheap and some that approached this. Mine has crashed 3 time and all that happened was I broke 2 props on 1 of the hard landings.

That particular landing just happened to go through a large 50’ Maple tree… It was a flyaway situation where I did not read the instructions carefully enough to understand that before flying I should have a GPS lock on home and how to tell. I have flown several more times in the same location with similar conditions and have not had the issue again.

The other hard landings were not while I was in control and while I was there with the operator they lacked the skill to properly handle the aircraft. One thing I did before these flights was go in and limit the max height and range to something rather close I think I set max height to 25’ and range to 200’.

When It reaches either of these limits it will slowdown and backup if it goes too far and just hover there until you attempt to go in the opposite direction just like it was bouncing off a rubber wall.

If you have the luxury of a nice large field or empty grassy area you can use the measurement feature on google earth to see how far across the field is and set the limits accordingly that way if you should lose control or get disoriented you should never be allowed go outside the bounds you set. and should always have a recoverable aircraft.

I recommend to set the max height to something reasonable to start if this is your first time. even 100’ is rather high if you are not flying around trees. Once you become more comfortable with the controls you can increase the bounds.

I also have one of these:

They are incredibly stable and have a fairly good flight time but they do lack the range as they are controlled by your phone/tablet but they are a better alternative to learn on. they are stable enough that you can walk up to it and smack it fairly hard and it will just correct itself.