DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter w/ Zenmuse for GoPro

$665 w/ prime shipping and 4/5 stars on amazon. Personally this is very tempting. Does anyone have any experience with what happens when the battery gets low in the 'copter? Does it just stop working as well? Or do you get some kind of indication? I’ve just seen “funny” videos of guys diving into ponds and shit to save their quadcopters and I’m not doing that if I can help it.

When the battery gets low the DJI Phantom triggers a failsafe mode. This model Phantom 2 (version 2) has two levels of low voltage warnings. The first mode causes the LED to slowly flash red, indicating less than 30% battery life remaining. At lower than 15% battery life remaining, the Phantom will begin to descend and slowly land. It does NOT necessarily try to return to it’s launch spot (called “return to home”).

If you can’t see the LED, and the Phantom starts losing altitude, you CAN push the throttle stick up and force it to maintain altitude, but keep in mind, it’s trying to land. Eventually it may just shut down, causing the Phantom to fall to the ground.

By the way, this is not necessarily what I’d call a “bargain” for this model DJI Phantom. For example, this weekend Sam’s Club was selling the newer DJI Phantom 3 (the latest version) with integrated 3D gimbal and camera for $550 with free shipping.

Bring back the Phantom 3 Professional or Advanced you had 2 weeks ago! I just missed them. I’ll jump on one of them in a heartbeat. They were a great price. This price is good too but by the time you invest in a Gopro your back up to the previous P3 offer IMHO. To answer Dan’s post I believe they are programmed to land at a given battery %. They only “return home” if they lose radio contact not low battery condition (if I’m not mistaken)

Did anybody receive theirs? Would like to know how it is etc

Thank you