DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter

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DJI Phantom 4? It is a bargain here.

Is this a Standard or Pro version? Does anybody know? Seems like a standard one

This is a Great price for New, Best price out there is for $799 but it is Refurbished. This one is new

This is the beginner set up.

This is the 4 (standard), and not the Pro. Single controller. It does say 1 year DJI warranty, which is good. DJI is weird about who they consider an authorized reseller. It would be worth checking their site. This is not a beginner platform. With the P4, there are two models, the P4 and P4 Pro. Pro offers 2 user operation (flight and camera). The Phantom is a delightful platform to pilot.

The major difference between the standard model (which you have here) and the Pro and Advanced models is the radio link. The Standard basically uses wifi for the link, which limits how far away you can fly it. The Pro and Adv models use Lightbridge, which has much better line-of-sight range.

Now, my experience is based on my Phantom 3 Pro. FWIW I’m very pleased with its performance. It’s not so much an RC aircraft as it is a flying camera platform. If you want to take amazing video footage and still shots from the air this gives you amazing capabilities.

I particularly like that the Phantom 4 adds a forward-pointing collision sensor.

+1 re Stevenmonty’s post above:

DJI has a strange policy re warranty. Aircraft must be purchased from a DJI approved seller.

Let’s be clear. There is a P3 Standard which uses Wifi. There’s also a P3 Advanced and P3 Pro but none of those have anything to do with this. There is no such thing as a P4 Standard. A P4 is a P4 and this item listed here is a P4. It uses Lightbridge, not wifi.

Just got off the chat with DJI. I asked if Woot is an authorized seller and if the warranty would be honored, and they told me to ask the seller.

So Mr. Mod, can you find the answer to this question? Will the warranty be honored if we buy through Woot? TIA

This is “fulfilled by Amazon”, an authorized reseller.

Yes it is! Thanks

Yes, there is a phantom 4 pro model:

DJI Phantom 4 pro

DJI Phantom 4

If you’ve never flown before, consider the p3 standard as you’re likely gonna gonna wreck; and you can buy 2 for the price of this (albeit very well-put together) multirotor.

Also PLEASE read, get registered and follow the rules.

…and it wouldn’t be the worst idea to sign up as an AMA member ( and score that personal liability insurance.

This is not correct. There are 2 different P4’s, the standard and the pro. The pro gains you quite a bit, faster, longer flight time, better camera, 5-way obstacle, plus quite a bot more. Great price for their standard model.

Might have to get myself a Christmas gift this year. If I hadn’t spend so much money on leggings…damn LuLaRoe.

Actually it’s not a p4 standard it’s just the p4. There is now a p4 pro that offers more fps in 4k and more directions of obsticale avoidance. That’s about all you get in the new version. Yes you may get 1 min or so more flight depending on flight characteristics and yes the phantom 4 pro has hdmi. The batteries are the same and flight and speed are the pretty much the same.

In prior Phantom sales Woot has confirmed that DJI will honor the warranty. For what it’s worth. Personally, if I were going to buy this I’d send an email to Woot and get that in writing as you never know for sure how DJI would react.

Something to consider but also consider, the P3 does not have forward collision avoidance as this P4 does.