DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter

This is the standard, not the Pro.

DJI has done a terrible job with the Phantom naming. As mentioned above, there is no such thing as a Phantom 4 Standard. However, calling it that might be the best way to tell someone it’s not the Phantom 4 Pro that was just released this month. The slight confusion is that there is actually a Phantom 3 Standard. So some people are going to call you out if you say this is a Phantom 4 “Standard”.

This is NOT the brand new Phantom 4 Pro. The Phantom 4 Pro sells for $1500 and $1800. This model is about 1 year old.

IMHO, $800 is a geat deal on a new Phantom 4. Lowest price was $1000 and that was about 3 months ago.

This is a great deal an an Amazing drone. Up until a month or so ago the best you could buy in it’s class. Great camera (4k), range, agility, control etc. I use this for paid work. The here is NO STANDARD per se. There was their Phantom 4 which was their flagship in this line, and then recently a PRO model was introduced with a beefed up camera and some extra sensors, and a new battery for a few minutes extra flight time. They also have a unit with a new controller with a built in screen for like 1800. For a lot of people it will NOT be worth the extra money. This is a FANTASTIC deal. It is WAY better than anything in the Phantom 3 line (I have owned them all including the inspire). And yes it uses light bridge for great range NOT WIFI.

I’ve been tracking prices on these things since my toy drone (I named “turkeychaser 2000”) disassembled.

I thought these folks were crazy talking about two different platforms in the phantom 4 line…but there suddenly IS a new “Pro” model that isn’t just a packaging upgade.
I agree this is terrible naming as they should have used a sub-model number like Phantom 4S or somesuch if it’s not a complete model upgrade.
DJI does a disservice to themselves and their customers by cycling through models and half-year upgrades.
That said, I’m in for one, this is the lowest price on this model I’ve seen. Turkeys are in trouble!

3 models the P4…P4 Pro…and the P4 Pro+

Fantastic deal! But I’m in California, which means I have to pull out another $80 for it as a tax…

but I’ve ordered one…

Exactly how far (distance) and high will this model be able to go from the controller?

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Fulfilled by Amazon means that we are using their warehouse facilities. It is our inventory purchased by Woot.

So this picture quality good enough to capture Special events, but also my Neighbors if I want?

Distance varies greatly depending on interference in your location. I’d say in most places, at least 2 miles. Range in the real world is typically 2-3 miles.

Max altitude is governed by the firmware and limited to 1640 feet above the take off point.

The P4 is not called a “Standard.” You can say that it’s standard or ordinary but it’s not called a standard. It’s called a Phantom 4.

that went quick…no blinking light.

I believe Phantom 4 goes beyond 4 miles, but FAA rule regulates that you are limited to fly drone within viewable range. Height is also limitted to 400 feet, I belive.

It’s true, and you have to register the thing anyway, all the rules are spelled out…another $5.

several years ago I bought what today is considered a toy drone. It was basically limited to wifi range, a few hundred feet…and I crashed it the first day I flew it, spent weeks repairing it. subsequently I had a few “fly away” issues with it that made me nervous to fly the thing.

This drone is capable well beyond my comfort range! Rather scary how easy it is to fly, and it makes my palms sweat to send it even a half a mile away despite the battery and signal indicators being fully lit!.

Today was my second flight, I chose what I thought was an out of the way place to practice. Sure enough, once airborne two ladies come into view walking a dog off-leash(not done in my town). The woman exclaimed loudly to her friend “I HATE those things, they’re SO dangerous!”. What followed was snarking back and forth about the relative safety and illegality of her walking her dog off-leash vs my flying my toy away from people.
“well I just don’t LIKE them, they ruin my enjoyment of this area”
“yeah whatever lady, I’m not excited about your dog ruining my enjoyment of this area…one of us is breaking a law right now”. I hate people.