DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter

Sorry if this was asked, is the case included? It’s shown in the picture. Thanks.

I wasn’t able to get any solid answers so I ordered directly through DJI

90 day warranty by DJI? I thought they came with the same warranty as the new DJI products (per their website).

Bought this a week back, got it today. Comes will all the things in the last picture. Also has a microsd card inserted in the P4. Styrofoam case is a nice way to transport. It is packaged as close to new as I could make out, including the cardboard box that the case fit in. This is my second drone, so I broke it out and flew it around the block, all was good and as it should be.

I would like clarification on this as well. DJI refurbs on the DJI site and at authorized dealers seem to come with a full DJI 1 year warranty. Is the warranty actually only 90 days through WOOT!

Spend a few extra dollars to buy from DJI directly. Shipping and tax are included at $799… Woot charging tax and shipping makes it only like $30-40 cheaper at the most and there are too many unknowns.

Bummer! Woot isn’t what it used to be.

Thanks. Have fun flying it!

Do you offer the option for the remote with the built in screen?

There actually isn’t an option for a built in screen. The remote has a place for you to put a smartphone or tablet that you can connect to the camera via the app.

The Phantom 4 pro+ comes with a built in screen, but that option is not being offered.

Glad to hear. I never received a straight answer on that question.

They also have a price tag of $1399.00.

The last picture does not include a battery. I looked at what was included at the bottom and they have the charger but no battery. WTF??

DJI Offers a care plan for $219. This covers all the accidental that could occur. They said they cover the cost of the product, the phantom is $1199.00. I wonder if the coverage is the same for refurb? new vs refurb is a $400 diff. Woot has sold the phantom and the Q500 by Yuneec. Which is better?

It comes with one battery, it happens to be already installed in the picture. Look closer. Not to mention the battery is listed in what is included. Enjoy your Hershey’s or whatever that is.

Similarly, I’d like clarification. Warranty is a high priority when making a refurb purchase at this price.

I purchased this refurbished drone on Woot about two weeks ago. On your initial flight, you are required to register with DJI on the app before it allows you to fly. I did that on 1/24/2017. I just went into my account on, signed in and went to “check your support coverage” entered my serial number (with the R at the end for refurbished) and there it was … my warranty start date was 1/24/2017 and end date was 1/24/2018. So it appears to be a 1 year warranty, just like if you bought it from DJI new or refurbished.

I can only confirm the 90 warranty from Woot. But it looks like another Wooter has had an experience you might be interested in…

You rule. Thanks for the info!