DJI Phantom FC40 UAV Drone Quadcopter

Yay. More naza flyaways.

Interesting coincidence. Someone was flying one of these at work tonight and it looked like a blast.

…But I don’t know if the fun is worth $435+…

From what little I know about them this is a nice one. Better than the ones two of my co-workers have but I can’t afford that. It does come with a WIFI camera. I don’t believe the gopro has WIFI if you were to buy the cheaper one without a camera. Enclosed rotors would be a good idea. Been too windy to fly them here lately.

My co-workers don’t have gps, one was flying it in the ally behind work when a gust of wind took it over the building and it landed in the parking lot.

These things are pieces of shit. In the realm of Quad copters these things are over priced and have many faults. Check out RC shops and what they have to offer and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that the competition is actually not in the same ball park, in a good way, for the same price.

Just another Amazon push.

Good points!

That is for FPV camera, not the remote. the remote operates on 5.8GHZ

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If I could afford this, I would spy on our government.

(just kidding NSA)

Woke up this morning and said the same thing. Might be the best item I’ve seen Woot ever sale.

Ooooooo… 14%… such a generous discount.

Now I’ll have the best seat in the house from outside the stadium, along with a cooler of beer and a jumbo HDTV, my weekend is made!

Ya think 3 ought to give me adequate field coverage… ?

From what I read before, the “homing” accuracy is the big difference. A few owners complained of losing their 1st gen drones in the swamps. These units are supposed to come back “home” when its remote goes out of range and the mfr improved that feature in the 2nd gen.

I have a comparable uav, a 3dr Iris. Do not buy this thinking your expenses end at $429. You will crash and need replacement props and other parts. LiPo batteries are especially fickle if not maintained properly (and expensive). And let’s hope you don’t really enjoy it and want to upgrade - you’ll pretty quickly be in the thousands for the next level of UAV. (I love mine and have no regrets, but it is an expensive toy.)

Please provide examples of sub $500 quads that are better than this one. Hell… sub $1000. I have this and have been looking to upgrade because I like to tinker and this one is pretty closed up. It’s a great start though for anyone looking to get into the hobby. For <$500 you have everything you need to get started.

I have serious wood for one of these but it’s a bit spendy for me. My buddy’s latest drone vid production is here: He has several other drone vids there as well. I believe he is using a GoPro Hero 3+ Silver on a gimbel.

I got excited until I saw it was a measly 14 percent off :frowning: I have 2 AR drones and have been waiting to upgrade to something better but this would not “fly” with my wife.

Compared to Amazon it’s actually only 6% off if you include tax and shipping. Amazon offers quicker shipping if you subscribe to Prime and better options for returning.

I really love the (non-spying) possibilities for drones. They used a GoPro camera for this one, but the drone was a Phantom

I have one of these, going to go fly it today. It is a completely different animal than the $80 toy quads. GPS mode locks it in place pretty well, so you don’t so much fly it as just direct it around the sky. The fc40 camera does surprisingly well with video in decent conditions, but latency over wifi is pretty high. It’s more useful for checking your shot than for flying first person.

This is kind of in between the phantom and the phantom vision 2. Differences between the phantom and fc40: 5.8ghz control frequency (allows you to use 2.4ghz wifi cameras without causing control issues), self tightening props, naza-m v2 instead of I believe v1.2.

The vision 2 is a completely different chassis, different batteries (expensive and proprietary), different camera, different props (that you can use on the fc40 but not the regular phantom), uses wifi extender to get better camera range. IMO it wasn’t worth over twice the price.

On the other hand the fc40 was worth the difference between it and the sub-$100 toys, to me anyway.

This video is from like my fourth or fifth flight, a few weeks ago: [youtube=knDkgUsck0M][/youtube]

And when they start using them to deliver packages I wont have to buy any Christmas presents anymore just go out to a duck (drone) blind and blast my present right out of the air… Oh that will be a hoot and a holler.

The go-pro does have wifi. I have this model (F) but have equipped it with the go-pro3+ silver. Better wifi range and resolutions. Also have more options for video and a replaceable battery.