DMI Bed Wedge Pillow and Triangle

DMI Bed Wedge Pillow and Triangle

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why couldn’t I get the coupon I always shop I never had a coupon .

Ordered the afternoon of Wednesday, September 27th. Delivered just now on September 29th in time for my nap!

Thanks Woot!

P.S. The cats luv the yuge box! It’s a two-fer! :heart:

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Aaaand 2 thumbs up! :+1: :+1:

I have advanced left hip osteoarthrosis with subchondral sclerosis and cyst formation so I pretty much can’t ever get comfortable for sleeping.

I’ve been basically sleeping fitfully but just now for my nap I put my legs up like this on it:

and my head lower than the picture on a couple of pillows and slept great. It was comfortable.

The wedge is rather firm, but that’s perfect.

This is a good price ($17.24) for something like this too.


Nice I also have a similar product by Millard. It’s more of a comfy foam if you ever want to try a different material. But what works, works. I have the leg wedge pillow by DMI that was on sale here for $9 awhile back. It’s great for what it is, for the leg wedge I prefer the more firm foam. I was also surprised at how well it works as a backrest when upright ( not inclined )

The millard one I have isn’t available on Amazon ATM, but a lot of similar ones. It has the bottom you can flip to make a more or less steep incline

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$9? Lol that’s a deal! Mine was $17.20 here!

It was ok, but the ramp. If I use the ramp it’s not quite right and if I use the flat side my feet dangle.

I do like the firmness of both of them!

Yea this one i think it was $8.71 but only a few sold and they were gone by mid day.

My feet dangle off of it as well but for the price I couldn’t complain xD

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Are these good for other things besides sleeping?

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I would imagine so, they’re nice and firm.

It created a comments section to share this Outerstuff so there’s that (bunch of other countries on sale too)

But I don’t use this to sleep. I use it in session to help blood circulation. I also lay flat on it sometimes to stretch too. Maybe you could get creative and make it a slide. Maybe they could sell it as a baby making helper. That’s a cool twist to increase the value of a pillow