Do a Barrel Roll!





First shirt in quite a while I bought on release date. Had to have this!


I’m kinda surprised the write-up didn’t make mention of a Norwegian Blue parrot.


For those who don’t get it…

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.


do a barrell roll


I almost enjoying learning things about games (?!?!??!) I’ve never seen from shirt.woot! so clue? Anyone?

maybe not a game. If not game, therefore meme is the new rule?

And because I’m putting my learning process on display (blame insomnia), I have reread clanaota’s links (thank you) and have now realized it references a video game I have actually played (once.)

So if game, then also meme. Syllogism achieved.

Good night.


Don’t worry, I’ve got a reference video if there are those of you out there who still might wondering what the shirt is a reference to.


I’m not sure I understand the “Don’t wear this shirt”… Does woot really think it was only mediocre?


A Very lazy image for a very lazy shirt.


For the record I think it’s fantastic. Definitely my favorite N64 game.


Would have been a buy if it were still a pangram.


Brb while I go make this on zazzle. Weak sauce guys.


well at least im not the first one to point out that there isn’t a J, U, M, P, or S in that sentence.

For a moment there, I thought I was going to have a QP.


I see an ‘S’. Nice try, chum!
Edit: Oh, snap! There is a ‘U’ too!


No, it wasn’t mediocre in the least (we’re talking about Star Fox 64). This is probably one of less than half a dozen games you can pick up, play, and beat in about an hour. Then you can start the damn thing over again, pick the SAME PATH and still have just as much fun. Of course, different paths are available.

Mediocre? Not even a little. Way off, woot.


BTW, woot, this game withstood the test of time WAY better than most of the other 64 games, and that’s right, I’m, talking about you, Goldeneye!

“mediocre” PSHHHH!


well fine.


wait, there’s an ‘s’ alright, but there most certainly is no…

oh it’s in quick.

silly me.


Don’t forget about the multi-player. It was a good change of pace from GoldenEye. The tanks and “foot patrol” as we called them were pretty worthless, but fun going against 3 friends in planes.


This is not a pangram! Good night!