Do-All Outdoors Bouncing Targets

How bout some indication of the dimensions of these things?

According to the mothership, the Hot Box cube is 5"x5"x5". Didn’t find the dimensions online for the other two shapes, though the spherical Dancing Ball is ~6" diameter (I’ve shot at one in the wild). I haven’t seen the other shapes in person. I’m going to hazard a guess that they’re approximately 5-7" tall.

All of them fit roughly into the same 5.5" dimensional size- kind of like math models from geometry. I have the Top Hat, Ground Ball, Dancing Ball & Cube.

They do not really react well to anything less than 9mm. I would skip the Top Hat in favor of another shape- not much action.

The solid Ball seems to swallow up bullets and holds them- not a downside, but kind of interesting.

These should be placed against a bermed target line and shot from a considerable distance away (50+ feet) due to ricochet. Many commercial ranges do not allow them because of antiquated range rules or fear of his ricochet due to improper target placement.

The solid ball can fly quite a distance, the others tumble 3’ if you hit them hard with a .45ACP. Maybe farther if you’re lucky. Shooting them with a 5.56/.223 doesn’t cause much of an effect.

DO NOT use hollow points (of any kind, even a .22) as they will cause cookie cutter-like punch-out holes instead of self healing pin holes. The same applies to truncated bullets, so most .40SW rounds are a non-no.

Good product, nice price, adds the instant confirmation to newer shooters that they are doing well.

One of these mornings I’ll be up early enough to get that three pack, but today is not that day.

I have the cube and it barely reacts at all when hit with a 22. Which reacts the most when hit with a 22? Do any? What about the star?

I have two of the cubes. Don’t be fooled by the “bouncing” in the title, these targets bounce about as much as heavy rocks. Doesn’t matter what you shoot them with, they don’t seem to do much but sit there and kind of wallow in the dirt. Not fun, would not buy again.

Try hitting them with something substantial. I was having a blast bouncing the cube around with my mosin.

Our champ in sporting goods, Mickey, let us know that:

The Top Hat is approximately 4.75" tall and 4.25 in circumference.

The Great Pyramid is approximately 5.25" Tall and Wide.

The Star is Approximately 6" W, D & H

Sounds like my Red Rider BB gun and I are out of luck again.