Do All Outdoors GMSO2 Shooting Star Pro Pack

That’s for ONE only…

But now that I re-read, I think that’s what you meant…

If you can hit this repeatedly from a distance when it moves, you can hit a bad guy in the chest.

EXACTLY my first thought! I’ve got a Level 10 Destructor Boxer mix, so I’m always looking for longer-lasting options!

Will these work with a crossbow?

How well would these work as caltrops?

In for 3! Errr… 1! Package… Oh, NM.

Kudos to Woot for including us gun-lovers!!!

This reminds me of bouncing beer cans down a dirt road with a 12 gauge. I’m guessing these hold up better than beer cans, but it’s simple to “create” more beer can targets. Of course, I would never recommend shooting a firearm with 24 hours of consuming any amount of alcohol…oh noooo.

I was disappointed in the lack of movement of the cube-shaped target used in the Youtube video. It pretty much just lay on the ground. I would hope that the ones offered here would move around more easily.

Was I the only one who watched that video and tried shooting the target by putting the mouse cursor over it on the screen and clicking?

Huh? I’m not sure what this is. I think I better start with the “Amateur” pack instead of going right for the “Pro”.

Yes this is the stupidest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Every range I go to has specific rules that all targets have to be suspended off the ground as we all know when you shoot at the ground bullets ricochet.

Not yet for me… Massholes still have a few months before Amazon open their local office here, hence bringing on the 6.25% tax, and the drop in my business to all of Amazon and their family of sites.

If this deal has peaked your interest in law enforcement and your language is salty, enjoy!


This is going to be fun !!!

If the ground is soft dirt, it shouldn’t be a problem. If it’s peppered with rocks, find a better place to use these.

I have a set of these already and they’re great target practice and a lot of fun, too. I will note that they work best when you stick to medium-range calibers (the small stuff won’t move them much, and the big stuff will go right through 'em) and you should only use non hollow-point ammo. I’d be all over these if I hadn’t just bought a new set 3 days ago…

As far as training, this is the most USELESS product imaginable for combat training. You do not shoot an tiny objects on the ground. USCCA or nothing.
Next up; how useless slow-motion martial arts training is against a live subject who wont let you grab their arms or clothes and is fighting you at the same time. STUPID.

Anyone else feel like this is sort of a strange and in-poor-taste item to be selling while the back 2 school sales are running?

what if it piqued my interest?

You are right, they don’t help you get any better at shooting people. However, if you’re not paranoid with an irrational need to combat train outside of a military setting you might be happy to hear that these are a heck of a lot of fun. much better than paper targets. Of course they aren’t meant for a range but for those of us outside city limits with plenty of space the entertainment value is unmatched.

No. Absolutly not. I think that is one of the more ridiculous POV’s I’ve heard in a while. I think your insuation is what is in poor taste. How hard do you have to look to find something like that to ■■■■■ about?

I’ve handled guns since I was very young, before school age even. These would have been a great treat as a youngster…but that was before bullets were made of gold.