Do-All Outdoors Shooting Targets

I wonder if these would be good for use with all the air guns woot! Has sold recently…or do they require the full power of a firearm to “activate”?

Does anyone know about this? Can my Gamo Varmint Stalker Deluxe .177 work with any of these targets?

A .177 likely does not have enough power to knock this target over, which would mean you better watch out for ricochets. Even a .22 air rifle probably doesn’t have enough force, but might not be as bad.

Gotta figure a .22lr has about 4-5x as much force as most cheap, run of the mill, .22 air rifles.

I can’t say 100% if it would work or not, and I can’t find any information on their website regarding the use of air rifles with this target. They do, however, carry a few targets made for air rifles, however cost a good bit more than what this sale is offering.

Question for the people who purchased these. Do you take these to the range w/ you or do you have the permission/right/legal use (really not sure what word to use here) to fire at these on your own land?

“Probably” not.
To activate these, the FPE(foot pound energy)is probably in the 30 FPE area, and the airguns that have been sold here recently are in the ~10-13 FPE range. These would be more apt for higher end PCP airguns that push 27+ FPE.
But you never know, given the plethora of information they have on their website, a flea may be able to set it off.

Why would you need special permission to shoot at these particular targets? If you can legally and safely shoot on your own land, you can shoot at these targets. They do not magically capture bullets, so you need to be aware of what is around you and your target. The bullet will deflect at a reduced velocity in some direction after hitting these, and if you miss, it will continue on its way until gravity and terrain or something else stops it. Your job as a responsible shooter is to KNOW that your bullets are safe until they reach ZERO velocity.


"A .177 likely does not have enough power to knock this target over, which would mean you better watch out for ricochets. Even a .22 air rifle probably doesn’t have enough force, but might not be as bad. "

Does this mean it would work with a .22 rifle? My son has one and I think this would nice for him to use rather than old fruit and buckets. (He shoots with his dad)

OK. I see now at the product website they make other sizes. Here is one for pellet guns (like mommy’s)
They also have some for 22’s.

Hmmmm. Woot has only ever had the big caliber stuff on the woot off. Guess I will need to shop around for the smaller stuff. A quick click on the product link takes me to Amazon…what a coincidence.

Off to shop for suitable targets.

Depends of what you mean by rifle.

Woot has Three different targets available. One of them is listed as “Do All Outdoors BS22 Body Shot Rimfire Pop Up Target .22/.17” which means that it is for shooting with .22 or .17 caliber RIMFIRE rifles. What Woot has available is not designed for air rifles. The manufacturer may very well make air rifle targets, Woot just aint carrying them today.

I was more looking for demographic information on how people are using these.


Thank you for your concern and for reminding people to be safe and responsible with their fire arms.

I’d guess they are more asking are you able to shoot on your (or someone else’s) land or do you take these to the range. Some parts of the country, all shooting is done on a range, some parts you just walk out to the back yard or drive to the mountains/desert. I’ve got a bit of both and if I bought this it would be to use when shooting on someone’s property, not at a conventional range.

I myself,(and my wife & kids) would be using these types of targets on our own property. However, we do live out in the country, and have about 200 acres of woods/timber behind our home. Which then opens up to roughly another combined area of thousands of acres of open croplands (containing no buildings, or houses). It’s at least 5 miles (as the crow flies) behind our home until you would even reach the next nearest occupied home/building (and the nearest home on either side of us is almost a full mile away). So basically I’d say that we are pretty safe shooting in our own backyard, which is why we would not ever consider ‘taking these targets to a range’ to shoot at them. However, I’m sure that the same cannot be said for most of the people who purchase, and use these type of targets. However, I will say that when they are used as INTENDED, along with an APPROPRIATE backstop, these type of targets are ‘safe’, and would be ‘legal’ to use almost anywhere that it would also be legal to shoot the corresponding caliber firearm for the given type target a person would be using. I hope this has helped to answer at least a portion of your ‘demographic questions’ you had been curious, and asking about.

It really has, thank you.

And again thank you for promoting the safe use of firearms. I would like to think that we as responsible owners can help disolve some bad stigma recently associated with ownership.

Probably work well with the Body Shot 22/17

On the legality point - I am not a lawyer, but I can tell you some states ban the use of “human form” targets outside of police / military ranges. Given that these are called “body shot” they’d probably fall under that category.

Course, for all I know (and I mean I don’t) those same states may also now disallow all non-range firing in the first place.

Again, I’m not a lawyer, just trying to toss out a point that might save a headache.

So, it’s established these likely won’t work well with air rifles, but what about .22 CB, CCI Quiet .22, or Aguila Colibri?

Please do not be tempted by the fairly low price. These targets simply do not last. You’re much better off getting a couple of plates from a reputable steel target manufacturer. I went through several sets of these cheap targets, purchased at Academy, in the same time it has taken me to barely scratch a properly made hard steel target.

Edited: for centerfire. Probably fine for rimfire. Yes, I know that it says it’s good for .44, but trust me, the frame will not hold up to that kind of stress for very long.

Well that is not what I wanted to hear. Well order was placed the other day already so I guess I will just get it and see. Only be shooting 38spc at it so maybe it will hold up. But I have a target guy near buy that cuts ar500 steel so maybe I will have him cut me out something if it does not hold up.

Don’t know much about bullet calibers myself, but does anyone know if these targets can handle .223. Considering this as a gift.