Do-All Outdoors Shooting Targets

Okay, so I’ve seen the orange bouncing targets come up on woot several times now and I’m wondering, as I’ve never seen them in real life: can someone tell me if and why I couldn’t buy these as chew toys for my dogs? If their rubber can take being shot, couldn’t they take being gnawed on? Are they full of lead or something?

Just curious, they’re fun shapes and seems like it might be okay…can someone tell me otherwise?

In this case, I’d recommend checking with Do-All Outdoors to make sure there aren’t any materials that could harm your puppy dog. You may also consider checking with your vet, just to get a second opinion.

While I can’t comment on there safety as chew toys they are really tough so I would imagine the would hold up pretty good.
I have the solid soccer and top hat ones, I like the top hat one, it works very well with higher caliber, lower calibers just don’t move it enough.