Do-All Outdoors Shooting Targets

Let’s hear from wooters! I’ve read some good reviews from y’all in the past.

I set up the Spin Cycle (9mm/30-06) targets this past Saturday. Took all of 10 minutes to set up and it took a beating.
Went through ~150 rounds of 40cal, 75-100 rounds of 308, and a few hundred .22 rounds.
Can’t say the stick-on targets held up to the beating but the steel only got scuffed. The 40cal impact compared to the 308 was noticeable but the steel will hold up and that was at ~20 yards out.
I’m sure some red spray paint will bring the finish back to new and get them ready for another weekend of shooting.

Probably not going to waste 30-06 ammo on a steel target, will save those for some pumpkin destruction.

Setup 10/10
Function 10/10
Would highly recommend this to anyone looking. I checked the internet for similar steel targets and you’re looking at spending $25-100 more overall.

Would the .22 one also work with a bb gun?

The bb’s would probably just bounce back at you

BB’s won’t do anything to the .22 “body” target. It’s built like a tank!

The 9mm-30.06 Body Shot was noticeably pitted and cavitated after 62gr .223 Wolf at ~65 yards out of a 16" AR15. I know this is a little short but I had to test it. These targets are very sturdy, but don’t expect them to tank everything you throw at them.

The Spin Cycle is really cool, and very very challenging. I only shot it with a 9mm and 10mm pistol so I can’t attest to their resilience against intermediate cartridges, however it is made from the same steel so I would expect similar results. Just keep your range from these if using a rifle.

The Spin Cycle obliterated 9mm and 10mm from ~20 yards. No deformation, pitting, or anything except stripped paint. These are just an amazing deal for what you get. I love these targets. A+ Would buy again.