Do-All Outdoors Shot Target

**Item: **Do-All Outdoors Shot Target
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Check out the comments from when these were last offered in July

The last sale says they’re rated for .17 and .22. These claim 9mm to .30-06. If that’s true, this seems like a great deal.

Yep, research confirmed this is the 9mm/.30-06 rated version. I pulled the trigger on one of these.


which one did u purchase? i am not sure which to get

I just hope it is not a mistake and these turn out to be the .22 versions. For the 9mm - 30.06 versions its almost seems too good to be true, which is why I’m a bit skeptical. In for three however and hoping it is true!

I’ve shot many of the Do-All targets in the 9mm-30.06 versions. They hold up. I’ve put hundreds of rounds on them with only paint chips. These two models are only made in the larger caliber version, so no worry about it being the .22 model. I bought with confidence…

IMO, If you are in the market, this is a heck of a buy.

Short factory made Youtube:

You can go over to Amazon and buy this for $161.99 BUT at that price, you get free shipping. :slight_smile:

High velocity bullets remove paint/stickers from steel…
Bring a can of hunter orange spraypaint with you, and send one of the kids down range to refresh the target every once in a while…
Calling a cease fire depends how much you like that particular kid…
(settle down…I’m kidding…maybe)

How many people actually train with pistols for >30 yards for “rapid target acquisition”?

I assume the round can still be copper clad. If you shoot pure lead wadcutters, you will foul a barrel quick.

You could probably shoot at something else with some copper rounds every so often to try and strip the lead out of the rifling, but then you are wasting rounds.

So, if a guy were to get one of these spinny targets and shoot at it with a break-barrel .177 pellet gun, would pellets just go flying off willy-nilly in a dangerous fashion or would it work fine and just last a really long time?

Just curious…

I wanted to ask the same question and add, will a .177 pellet actually have enough force at 1000fps to push the target back like the other guns?

I am trying to buy 2 of the body target and one spinner, but I ended up getting 3 body ones since I couldn’t figure out how to do the quantities for each. Then when I tried to send a message, it wouldn’t go through due to order number not looking like the right number…yes, it is… Please change my order to get one spinner and 2 body ones.

BB’s (steel) probably would bounce right back at you…but typically, soft lead .177 pellets will just splat flat on the steel and fall…depending also on the power of your gun/distance shot obviously…it shouldn’t come back at you.
It’s also hard to tell what angle these targets are at, at rest.
Put it back deep in a big enough cardboard box, and shoot it a few times from the same angle/distance you would normally…
Then check the box to see if anything comes/splashes off…
I’d doubt any splash/ricochet would get thru cardboard. (with a pellet gun)

Do this test in a safe place…not the living room, next to your Hummle collection/kids crib…ect

As always… wear proper (certified for impact resistance) eye protection when shooting ANY weapon.
100% UV protection is for the sun, not impact. :wink:

Seriously doubt a pellet gun will even budge one of these targets.

From reading the prior sale posts, you can’t even see the ‘body’ target ‘fall’, because it snaps immediately right back.

This might be a dumb question, but can the moving target be used for a kid’s bow and arrow set?

I’ve made my share of mistakes however this is not one of them. These are the high caliber, high velocity, targets.

You should probably email customer service.

Reviews for the Body Shot on Amazon talk about handling .308 at 100 yds. Welp there goes 70 bucks on targets.

Hey there, sorry for the confusion.

The best thing to do is email and ask for their assistance. Be sure to include your order number!