Do-All Outdoors Target (2 Choices)

**Item: **Do-All Outdoors Target (2 Choices)
Price: $34.99
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  1. Real friends shoot other friends, not targets! i.e. former VP Cheney =D

  2. Lead bullets MUST BE BANNED!!! Seriously, those fired bullets fragment and lay on the land to eventually be consumed by animals. Our wildlife is then subjected to possible & growing lead poisoning & this has to stop. If that animal is hunted & consumed you are literally poisoning yourself with that meat! We have got to clean up our act; pls spread the word people. If not for our wildlife’s well being, then your own. Hunt smart, shoot smart. :wink:

Find me some alternative 60 grain .22 rifle ammo that will go through two 3/4" plywood boards AND through a live 3" branch that was behind those boards at 80 yards with tack driving accuracy from a 10/22 at sub sonic noise levels, for the same price range. At that point I might listen to this plea.

I thought this product was junk. It does not spin at all, yeah I could stop my partner from spinning theirs by not shooting at all. I shot it with my 9 didn’t hardly move, shot it with a 15-22 no movement. Aggravated me that it didn’t spin at all so I took it to our 600 yd rifle range. My spr in .556 destroyed this thing. 308 made swiss cheese of it as well. Like I said I look at it as a POS, but it was worth the 40 bucks to destroy it with my rifles.