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**Item: **Do All Outdoors Target (Your Choice)
Price: $34.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $22 Two-Day OR $25 One-Day
Condition: New

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check out these comments back when these were offered in May

Why does Woot not allow firearms deals, but they will showcase targets?

Every time I see these come up I get excited. Then I read the fine(ish) print. .22 or .17. In my mind, reactive targets are useful for long range shooting. Which a .17HMR or .22LR isn’t going to do. Unless you consider 150yds a long shot…

Buying/selling firearms online would require them be sent to an authorized FFL dealer, which would be more costly and complicated.

Why spend $35 when this is $12.99 with FS?

Does anyone know if these bounce back targets would work if shot by a paintball gun? I’ve been looking for something exactly like this for paintball gun target practice, but that’s a lot less oomph than a live bullet round, so it doesn’t help me if the target doesn’t actually move when shot.

They also work well indoors for screaming monkey target practice.

Sling shots!

For the buyer, yes.

Woot would merely need to make sure they are sending to an authorized FFL. Databases and networks of licenses are available real easy.

Woot would also need to be an FFL to acquire the firearms to sell. Factor in margins and quantities and it’s probably a non-starter.

I own both of these. But I haven’t shot the rotating one yet.
Here’s the breakdown of the other:

  1. they are painted, but not for long - the paint chips off rather easy (expected I suppose). But didn’t think about it when I bought them. The problem is it makes the target difficult to see and the sticker isn’t any better. They send 1 sticker with the set and it’s gone in 2 clips.
  2. It is STURDY, and doesn’t bounce back at all - in fact it doesn’t move. BUT it does make a “plink” which beats shooting cans.
  3. I have shot this within 25 yard and out to ~75-100 and it doesn’t matter. Steel is in great condition, no damage.
  4. I wish they included a boat load of those target stickers to begin with.

It’s fun to shoot these, but I wouldn’t say the target I’ve shot makes things more interesting b/c you can’t tell what you’re hitting for previously mentioned reasons.

You are not referencing the same model. This on is $95.00 on Amazon

On my box of 22LR ammunition it reads “Range: 1.5 miles. Be Careful.” That sounds like long range to me.

Because thanks to our great NRA, buying them out of state, at gun shows is easier, and reveals less personal data.

I want to know where the targets of Bush, Cheney, Obama, and Biden are.

I know it’s not the same “model” but a spinning target is a spinning target… they serve the same purpose and I can buy three of this model for the price of the woot model… you’re missing the point.

Your head is planted firmly up your arse…you know NOTHING of what you speak…try doing a little research on your own, at places other than msnbc or huff post…they are full of $hit.
I say that, because THEY are the only ones that spread that BS.

There is NO “loophole”…you can buy a gun from a neighbor, relative, or someone in a walmart parking lot…or from a private individual walking around at a gunshow…and THEY are required by law to check the buyers ID, confirming they are a resident of that, or an adjoining state.
EVERY vendor at a gunshow MUST do background checks and transfer paperwork…
If they don’t, THEY are breaking the law…NOT the ‘gunshow’.
And if a private individual is suspicious of someone wanting to buy from them, they can go to a dealer and have them broker the transaction/do the check/paperwork.

I carried a gun in the military for 23 years, but STILL had to have a background check done when I bought a shotgun at the BASE EXCHANGE gun store.

The laws are there…it’s in the hands of the people to follow them…but a large percentage of the population only care about themselves…