Do All Outdoors Target (Your Choice)

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I’ve got 4 Do All targets and don’t have any complaints about them. My 38/44 Body Shot has taken numerous hits from .40, .45, and .41mag, and only needs a quick coat of spray paint to be good as new.

Let’s watch the body shot in action [youtube=mWe9Go-3SWQ][/youtube]

Let’s watch the spin cycle in action [youtube=d49qEv7J8T4][/youtube]


I have the high caliber spin cycle and rim fire Body shot. These targets are great, and work just as advertised. I like them enough that I ordered the high caliber body shot when they were put up last week. Hard to beat them for the price.

Does anyone know if the smaller spinning one (SC22) will work with a decent pellet gun?

No, but they do make ones for pellet guns that spin in a completely different design where the spinning parts hang from a horizontal rod.