Do Androids Dream of Electric Rabbits?

Rabbit Electra Rechargeable Corkscrew
$29.99 $40.00 25% off List Price

Rabbit Electric Wine Preserver - Black
$28.99 $40.00 28% off List Price

Electric Rabbit Corkscrew - Red
$34.99 $50.00 30% off List Price

Electric Rabbit VIP Corkscrew - Chrome
$46.99 $80.00 41% off List Price

I tried my girlfriend’s rabbit but could never get the cork out. Just makes a chattering glass sound. Are these better?

these are the best.

I see what you did there…

Anyone know if the vacuum that the preserver pulls is in mm Hg or in Hg?

Both are valid measurements that are commonly used.

Huge difference and I can’t find the units anywhere

quality post for sure

What others have said about this wine opener:

In-Hg, not mm-Hg.

I did some rather extensive testing on the EZ-Pump Vacuum Wine Saver woot in March HERE and found those units reduced the pressure within the bottle to ~19.68 In-Hg and below is an excerpt of my findings.
These would be little different.

*The hard numbers; this (the EZ pump) reduced the absolute pressure from 760 Torr to just over 500 Torr or ~67% of a Standard Atmosphere. Understand, this does not create a vacuum in the bottle, but it does remove about 1/3 of the air within the bottle.
Reflecting on this a bit more, and to make these numbers make a bit more sense, we hear of Sea Level Barometric Pressure on a weather report all the time, normal is 29.92 in-Hg or about 14.69 psi. The 500 Torr equates to 19.68 in-Hg or about 9.67 psi. So this pump reduces the pressure within the bottle by about -5 psi.
Converting this pressure to a pressure altitude (this makes sense to pilots) puts you around 3390 Meters or 11,132 feet and would place the bottle on the top of Telescope Peak in Death Valley CA. *

It could be called GrapeRunner!

These are not the rabbits I was hoping for. I think that there is a market for ‘adult woot’.

Love the title of this sale! (Same as a very interesting book that I actually just recently read).

We strive to make obscure references.

Never heard of the book. Other than the obvious adult-toy association, the title made me think of a different obscurity…


… a 1984 flick featuring a then unknown Virginia Madsen, juuuuuuust a bit before she starred in “Sideways”.

Deal or No Deal?

Woot $39.99 shipped!

Crate & Barrel $26.90 Shipped

Anyone got their order yet? Got the other item from Woot I ordered, but not this one.

I told them to hold your order until you turn in some tasting notes.

But in other news, looks like they created the labels yesterday so they should go out soon. Well, all but yours. :tongue:

Funny, I told them to hold your paycheck until you actually did some work! :tongue:

I’m supposed to get paid? Who do I talk to!?!?!?

Again, you need to actually work. :wink: