Do I need additional stereo for the InFocus 61" HDTV?


Forgive my utter ignorance on All Things Home Stereo’ish, but we just purchased the InFocus 61" DLP Ultra-Thin HDTV with Accessory Kit, sold a couple days ago.

Do I need to get an additional home stereo system for this? Or does this thing have some speakers in it already that will work just fine for making good sound?


I pulled the following from the product description. It seems it has built-in sound, the quality of which I cannot assess . . .

Broadcast Stereo w/dbx Noise Reduction
Second Audio Program (SAP)
SRS Labs TruSurround XT.1
7-Band Graphic Equalizer
Front Speakers 6 (4 mid-range, 2 tweeter)
Fully Enclosed Speaker System
Total Watts 60 (15W/Chan + 30W Subwoofer)
Integrated Subwoofer Yes – 30 Watts
Channels/Watts 2 Channels, 15 Watts Per
Sound Logic Audio Leveler, Sound Presets 7 Modes + Personal
Dolby Digital Pass-Through


Thanks, AZ. I also just realized that I’ll need a DVD player, so I may look for one that has some extra surround sound speakers that come with it. Thanks again !