Do It Slowly

Nice to see a turtle that actually looks like a turtle.

Love the helmet : )

Someone explain why he is carrying carrots.

If you were at war against Americans, would you carry steak, potatoes, and/or apple pie?

You don’t simply carry anything that is vaguely associated with your opponent, that makes no sense.

It’s a bandoleer of carrots.
a BOC… need no more explanation.

Well ,It would appear that it’s all about ‘the Nam’ look. The carrots look like m-60 bullets, get it?

Throw out some carrots so The rabbit will stop To eat them… That’s why I Would carry them… :slight_smile:

It looks like this turtle is shell shocked…

I’ve always wondered, wouldn’t fast and steady win the race?

Well, here’s my best attempt at explaining why it makes sense to use carrots:

I was always under the impression that soldiers of the Vietnam and World War II era took war trophies from their enemies or had decorations meant to personalize their helmet.

It also draws parallels to photographs of helmets where the soldiers stuck bullets or playing cards in their helmets, similar to what you might see here:


In this case, I think the carrots are fitting. I mean, I can’t think of a better way to bring down a rabbit/hare than with it’s greatest weakness,can you?

HAHA nice one.

I shouldn’t need to do this; but the comments are compelling me:

For those who don’t quite get it. Full Metal Jacket.

I’d throw in a few quotes but there’s not much in that movie that will get past the forum word filters. The carrots resemble the bullets. And harken to the tortoise vs the hare thing.

Man, I saw that old tin helmet, kind we used over there, and the memories came flooding back. Some of 'em I’d have left in the dim past, but that’s OK…

I love the vanquished rabbit count!

There are two reasons:

  1. As others have stated , they resemble the bullets of the realistic pics others have already posted.
  2. It’s an homage. As phileoca stated. it’s a bandolier of carrots. On Woot! that is a common term used for the much sought after dirt cheap grab bag of woot products that goes by the same initials. The bandolier of carrots appears on a few of the t-shirts that have been offered here.

I REALLY like the art style, particularly the detail and creative use of the [6?] available colors, but at first glance, the shirt could be so confusing as to how it can be interpreted. You might want to consider, regardless of how you might interpret the awesome art, that it could also be seen as:

  • Mere art saying that the turtle is continually beating rabbits at literal foot races
  • A strange sort of reference to the Vietnam War… except with turtles and rabbits?
  • Someone brandishing their sexual nature in a way that is only subtle until the viewer is given a little time to think about it and wonder if that’s the reason the wearer bought the shirt. o_o

The eternal battle of tortoise vs hare. And yet when you see their kids hanging out together you know there’s still hope for tomorrow.

Rabbits and cats on the other hand…

I’d be pissed if I were this tortoise and you people kept calling me a turtle

Awesome shirt for the range, or for training days.

I like the concept. I think the write up missed a blatant opportunity to mimic one of R. Lee Emery’s classic rants.