“Do Not Cross Police Line” Shower Curtain



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"Do Not Cross Police Line" Shower Curtain
$4.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Would it be a crime not to buy this?


Aha, the wootoff witching hour(s) are starting, yay for wtf items!




I bought one. Why don’t you?


Nice 2nd picture on the link. I wonder who at woot got that mad?


buy one for the greater good?


Wish I had seen this before I stopped dying my hair neon red.

My shower did, in fact, resemble a crime scene, every time I dyed or even washed.


Finally! A Bathroom Officer Curtain!!


Got this last time. It’s great.


Haha. Gotta admit, I laughed.


I think you just crossed the line… that, umm… you aren’t supposed to cross.


That is awesome! I like these random items from Woot.


I don’t hope so…


Is it think like a $3 curtain, or thick like a $30 one?


Is this shower curtain trying to say that my naked body is so horrible and hideous that the police would believe it to have been mutilated in some sort of crime? I’m not sure I want to convey that image to people.


Kikkerland? Is that a knockoff brand of the Kirkland off-brand?


Yes, it most certainly would be a crime. Under section 221.06 of the penal code, you would be in violation if you fail to purchase when presented with the opportunity to do so.


I can see these popping up in Bags of Crap in the NEXT Woot-off.