Do Not Pass Go

I’d be afraid if this little guy started chasing the car token.

This calls for the theme song to the short-lived Monopoly game show that nobody watched back in 1990.

What a party animal. That dog wrecked two whole hotels!

I do believe that destroying property gets you a one-way pass to GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL!

Looks like the last player rolled a ‘5’.

Reading Railroad is now on red alert!

ha! shirt.woot! has a new one-two punch master combo. This is very nicely packed with tail wagging personality and fun.

Shouldn’t the dice be showing a double? isn’t there a rule for 3 doubles in a row and you go directly to jail…“shirt title” do not collect $200

It was pointed out in the derby discussion that technically, one cannot have a mix of houses and hotels, but considering the amount of doggie destruction, I think that’s the least of anyone’s concern.

And this is why dogs shouldn’t own property.

The write-up is so true!

Ahhh yeah, I knew this guy was a shoe in, I tip my hat to you, you ironed out the competition, and sped to a print. That’s a classy dog there… these are getting to be a bit of a stretch. LOL

But if you don’t play you can’t claim banker and steel everyone’s money

That’s why the dog is angry in the first place… no one likes a cheater.

I knew this would make it! Congratulations, kevlar51 and walmazan, on making such a brilliant design and winning the derby!

No iron token? What?

Wow, the write-up guy might need to go to therapy to work through his issues with that game. It’ll be okay, friend. It’ll be okay.

The game of Monopoly is based off of property in Atlantic City, NJ.

Ironically enough Hurricane Irene is supposed to roll up the coast and obliterate AC. (notice the buildings knocked over)

Perfect timing. Also, I think I will buy one and have it shipped to my mom’s house in Pennsylvania…just incase my apartment goes to hell down here in NJ.

No, no keeping going, you’re on a roll there!
And don’t let other people railroad you into quitting. Just turn on the water works and they might give you a chance.

Congrats kevlar and walmazan!! Very funny design:D