Do Or Do Not

Little creepy, little cool, wear it out in rain or mist, it’ll be a little swampy…

If there is no try, how will I know the shirt will fit?

does the $7 dollars include shipping ?

That is why you fail.

One of these days, I wish Woot would explain why shirts like this do not infringe Star Wars copyrights. Some of the Stars Wars shirts are arguably parodies, but not this one.

Thank you. I needed a good macaroni salad recipe.

Meh… The important thing is to get yours before the desist letter goes out.

No. $5. Which sucks for people like me who live in the area and used to get shipping for $1 :frowning:

I understand why, just sucks.

Do the words: “Do or Do Not” appear on the back. Or is the back simply blank?

LoLed at the macaroni salad recipe write up!