Do people ever collaborate?

I don’t know when I will be able to buy a computer and photoshop but I have a long list of ideas if anyone gets stumped and wants to collaborate. Of course you’d be doing most of the work so I’d be fine with you keeping anything you get for it. I’d just like half of the credit so I can cross off t - shirt designing off my list & possibly brag about it to people I know.

I’m not even sure if this is allowed on this forum. If it is not I apologize. It anyone is interested my email is

people do collaborate, but I don’t know how often drawers respond to open calls for partnerships like yours. if nobody responds, I’d suggest figuring out which artists have a style that is compatible with your idears and ask an individual directly. there also is much less traffic (eyeballs) looking here than in “world of woot shirts” or derbies forums; you mite try there.

Okay thanks. Will do that.

Definitely. I technically have one ‘collab’ credit from here. I say technically because I had a vague idea I thought was funny and an artist turned it into something that actually was worth printing.