Do sunglasses count as apparel?

Ordered three pairs of Ray-Bans today and might return a pair or two depending on how they fit my face. Do sunglasses count as an apparel item and therefore have free returns? If not, I might prefer to cancel one of the items. Appreciate any input!

I consider them lingerie or, at worst, meat popsicles.

This might help clear up some confusion.

Whereas this is lingerie. Oh wait…

They are an item that you need to try on. Let’s ask @ThunderThighs for her expert opinion.

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Yeah, no worries. We generally don’t charge on returns unless you’re abusing the policy.

Customer service will help you out. :smiley:


Sunglasses seem to be categorized as “accessories” and separated from “apparel” in many online stores.

Per ThunderThighs they may have a unified RMA process.