Do the Desktop Dance!



Given that a lot of people get computers for the holidays, isn’t it time to upgrade? Which computer are you looking at for a backup (or main rig)?


Can you tell me please who refurbishes these units?




Oh goodness no I’m not even that technical. :slight_smile:

ps. Looking into it however.


Inky’s gone for the day so I’ll respond with what we heard back. We really don’t have that info. It varies from sale to sale. Even those that have a manufacturer warranty could have been contracted out to a third party.



Do these all have the manufacturer’s warranty? It’s not stated on the sales page. How long is the warranty for?


Under the “Features” section for each sale is the listed Warranty, and they each differ according to the product.
If you click on the sale pic then scroll down, the warranty should be listed at the bottom.

Woot Staff


The Lenovo ThinkCentre AIO is AWESOMMMME.

I highly recommend it. Put Windows 8 on it, too - it should qualify for the $15 upgrade price, I think. Metro is cool with a touchscreen, for sure.

It’s fast, it’s got a load of features, and it’s VESA-mountable. You can get a Logitech wireless keyboard with built in touchpad for $30 MSRP to go with it. What’s not to love?


Owner of the Audessey Media Speakers -

I bought these speakers the last time they were featured on Woot, and WOW! I’m very pleasantly surprised by the sound the produce. I’m no audiophile, but I have owned many speaker systems in my day, and for a personal stereo speaker set, I don’t know that you can do much better! Listening to music on these things is an experience. They features crisp, clear treble, clean mid-range sound, and surprisingly responsive, deep bass.

Keep in mind you’re buying PERSONAL stereo speakers, though. As loud and great as these sound, they aren’t going to provide room-filling, kegger-party, scream-over-the-music sound. For the right application, though, you cannot go wrong with these speakers.


Do these speakers go to sleep after a period of time? I remember some folks were complaining about that on a nice pair of quality speakers.


I saw the opening picture and thought Woot! had finally come to their senses and started shifting to Asus from this god-awful HP garbage. Letdown.


I’ve had bad luck with refurbished HPs.


has anyone else noticed their PC hasn’t shipped yet?


It’s a good question, and it’s been over five days. Please feel free to say hello to, and while you’re doing that, ask them about it. They should know. :slight_smile:


I bought the HP envy h8 and I just got it yesterday. After initial set up, I got a blue screen saying driver iqrl not greater or equal and amdsbs.sys. this causes the computer to restart and then when I log back in, blue screen again! So its in his never ending cycle.


And I just got off the phone with hp customer support. All they did was to tell me to restore the PC to factory settings, which is stupid because its new, its already in factory settings. Is did it anyway, and I still kept getting the bsod(I kept hearing this term thrown around on forums, I assume it means blue screen of death) anyway, then support person then told me the hard drive must no be compatible with the PC, and to return it. She actually said I should return it, but fine.


I just got this desktop and it shuts off every time I turn it on!!! I know that it must be shorting somewhere inside. Who can I speak to about possibly replacing this product?


Definitely contact the manufacturer, and if you have issues, should help you out.