Do the Homelegance Dance

In the picture of the futon… I can’t figure out what’s going on with that floor? Must be the house that Jack built :slight_smile:

EDIT: The tan fauxe leather one, not the black one.

Both futons are described as beige. Maybe a little more focus on proofreading over lame wootbot jokes?

Anyone know how extensive the required assembly is for the futons?

Why is the table only 16 inches high?

Because they want you to think it started its life as a cart.

I’ve been looking for a futon for a while and these look kind of awesome. Anyone have any experience with these?

I found a sort of review on Amazon. The futons in the pictures look the same, but have a different name.

Found more reviews from WalMart. Don’t know if I’ll buy it.

Yea wow whats going on with the corner and base of the door?

Appears that we are trying to make you sea sick. At least that’s how it affected me.

HA! Wow, that is bad.

I love the concept of these futons but looking at the dimensions they are over 7" shorter than a typical Twin sized mattress. I can’t imagine many, if any, adult-sized person will find this adequate for a comfortable night’s rest.

I’m actually having a horrible experience with woot in regards to this which is rather sub-par to the normal service I receive.

I purchased one of these and it arrived damaged from Fed-Ex and the futon itself was defective. The feet are actually plastic and they have screws embedded in them that you screw into the base of the futon. The threading was stripped on one of them so I couldn’t attach the leg despite the already torn and damaged product. In addition, the futon felt like I could cough to hard and it would break.

I proceeded to try to return this a month ago. Fed-Ex claims it was picked up and returned yet woot claims it was not and customer service hasn’t responded to my inquiries after over a week since the last time I asked them.

I’m now out $175 and have NO product and have not received a refund for the faulty product.

Would very much like contact from someone at woot about this and since trying to have civil email communication hasn’t worked out, hopefully posting negative feedback will.

sorry for the hassle. we definitely don’t want that.

i’ve forwarded this along to our CS folks. we’ll make sure you get a response.

thanks so much for your patience.

I did want to respond that woot did get this taken care of for me.
Thanks, woot.