Do The Math*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Missed it? Get it tomorrow here!

Nice win, Iambusyeating. Always nice when arithmetic wins out.

MATH??? -head explodes-


Great shirt and one of my faves. Congrats!

As predicted by the derbystats site. If I were a math geek, I’d be on this one like white on rice. I’m sure there’s an applicable math substitute for that cliche, but I’m not geeky enough to know it :frowning:

Instead of buying this shirt, I will just stick a sign on my shirt that reads, “Girls need not bother to talk to me.”

bought! yay, glad you won mate

sigh How did they get the math wrong? 2100, 2200, and 2300 will not be leap years. A year has 365.24 days!

wow Lamb! First time entry, and first place finish! That is crazy good. You go!

Clever, in for one.

As if I wasn’t already nerdy enough!

Man, you ain’t kidding!

I think I saw this shirt back in 1978.

Good job… not my cup of tea (I love math, I just don’t care to wear it) but great job Iambusyeating!


I figured this would win… Shirtderbystats got that much right, at least. Not something I would wear, but still a smart shirt.

seems like a shirt that i would have to explain to people.

Good one! It was consistently in the fog through the derby, I figured it got first. Geeks of the world unite!

exactly the one i wanted… i may have been the first buy… as long as the stitching in this one doesnt burn in the dryer ill be happy… nice idea!

This shirt makes no sense…I don’t see an ELLIPTICAL orbit.