Do The Pew

Funny, BoggsNicolas. Not at all sodapressing. :slight_smile:

tnx! burp, i mean lol.

I love the design of the shirt, but when I received mine, I discovered that it was printed slightly off center. It’s making my latent OCD tendencies freak out.

Take a pic and write into Customer Support about the issue. They’ll help you out.

Love the design, just got one for my kiddo (size 4) and was really irritated how small the print is (2.75 x 5.25) making for a tiny one inch Millennium Falcon.
The Other 4T graphic tees, including previous Wootshirts, he has have prints that are 7-8 inches wide, this would be much more appropriate.
Very disappointed

I wonder if they got overzealous in reducing the image size …

If you haven’t done so, write into Customer Support about it.