Do they ever have Monitors on Woot?


I’ve been checking the site pretty regularly for what seems like a least a few months, and I don’t remember any 17-19 inch flat panel monitors. Hoping one comes before Christmas. Anyone remember any on here ever?


not that i can think of, but they do a lot of flatscreen or projection TVs, so i wouldn’t think a monitor would be out of the question…


I just checked all the previous woots listed, and no LCD monitors. =(

Looks like Newegg will get my money yet again.


i got a Hyundai L90D+ from Newegg a few months ago and have been very pleased with it… Tom’s Hardware Guides tests gave it virtually perfect color scores and an excellent response time… it’s done quite well for me, just don’t turn on the anti-theft feature unless that would really be an issue… i had to reinstall windows and figured i might as well do it on a new hard drive, but then i couldn’t find the disk with the software and after half an hour it pops up a big, mostly opaque blue box in the middle of the screen that is difficult to see what you’re doing… even when i finally found the disk, it took me a while to remember my pin…


They sell projectors. They are like monitors but real big.