Do woot shirts shrink noticeably upon drying?

Or are they “pre-shrunk” ?


I haven’t noticed any noticeable shrinkage on my shirts. But if you are very close between two sizes, I would buy the bigger one.

they are cotton… they shrink…
i got a 3x… so i could wear it as a night shirt. i dont think its that enormous tho it sounds it

I haven’t noticed any shrinkage either… but I do agree if you are in between sizes, go with the larger. I also pull my shirts out before they are completely dried and let them air dry the rest of the way.

Alright cool, thanks for the replies. Went with a medium (and it’s not like it’s ridiculously expensive anyway, so what the heck).

good mentality. That’s how I have ended up with too many shirts since shirt.woot launched. :slight_smile: