Do you feel bad for all the people actually named "Karen" nowadays?

Do you feel bad for all the people actually named "Karen" nowadays?

One of the most “Karen” things to do is to name your child “Karen”. Destiny awaited these individuals.


Here goes that whole “ginger” thing again.

Unfortunately - that is my name. :frowning: Got the name - NOT the attitude!


Nah. 2 very different things. One is a choice of attitude and the accompanying choice of haircut that serves as a unified id badge.

The other isn’t really a choice beyond hair dye. Having to be careful about sun exposure isn’t the same as the kind of entitled attitude that makes ridiculous demands and causes a scene.

Also, thanks for giving me an excuse to post this:


If it makes you feel any better, the worst ones aren’t actually named Karen. This is probably my favorite “Karen” story. Her name is Norma.


I am a dude, but I have four older sisters. We are all named something “K”. My oldest sister is named Karen. Nicest person you would ever meet though. So I choose answer #1. Maybe the guy version of Karen should be Kevin.

Only a Karen would ask a question like that!

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My friend Karen is African American. Her mom felt it important to have “Caucasian” names (their wording, not mine).

Try being Mike in the 80s.

Get over it.

But do you have the haircut?



I kind of do. When I was a little kid, I loved the Babysitters Little Sister series (a spin off of the Babysitters Club starring Kristy’s stepsister). The main character was Karen, and she was the coolest! She had two pairs of glasses, you know, one for reading and one for distance, and i wanted glasses, too (a stupid wish on my part, in hindsight).

And now that poor fictional second grader’s name is cursed! I might have considered it as a name for my kid (look, here’s another cool Karen, read this thing from 1987!) but now I can’t.

I must say “NO”! :wink:

Mike Mike Mike! WHAT DAY IS IT

My last name is BATES… and I looked like OPIE… I gave people options.

at least I wasn’t named Sue.


Hey, KLM! Karen Lives Matter