Do you have the NEW Woot mobile app yet?

In this case I had bought a water bottle and upon receiving it I immediately learned the error of my ways when one child claimed it and the others demanded their very own. I wanted to search for another water bottle instead of trying to guess which section it might live in.

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Cool. It’s rare we have offers that last that long but this is helpful as a case in the affirmative!

Of what?

Of having a use for a search tool in the app.

Am I the only one who has ever came here to look for a particular item instead of seeing what random item I can throw my money at today?

No, but you also might get annoyed if you expect us to have it. We don’t really have that much breadth most days so I would bet 99% of searches would be useless.

In your case it would be easier to click the item in the stuff you bought section (order history)