Do you machine or air dry your shirts?

So I got my first woot shirt in the mail today. I ordered a Medium, and it fits pretty well right now. But I know if I dried it in the dryer it would become a bit too small for my liking.

Should I just air-dry my woot shirts or should I buy a Large woot shirt so I can plan on the shrinkage and just not worry about having to air-dry it?

What do you folks do?

I expect shrinkage every time I get wet.

Machine dry. They hold up fairly well, but will eventually have to be replaced. I wear each of my shirts about once a week, and have some from way back when shirt firs went live. I haven’t thrown any out, but some are close to the end of there lives.

Also, regardless of how you dry, you need to buy a size bigger.

Why? I just got my Medium in the mail today, and it fits really well. Is it not safe to assume once I wash and air dry it it will still fit just as well?

I buy medium, and my normal shirt size is medium as well. However, since I’ve gained a tad bit of weight, the woot mediums are no longer fitting as nicely as I’d prefer. My other mediums still fit though. I do not ever machine dry my shirts though.

I say let 'em shrink, lose the under garb, and swing with times!!

(okay; I’m done now.)

So disregarding weight gain, the size of your woot shirt stayed fitting throughout air drying it?

What is under garb?

he’s talking about going commando.

I have 64 woot shirts and machine dry them all - haven’t had a problem yet.

Always air dry a shirt with graphics on it. Any type of print will start to wear anytime you wash or dry it. The best thing to do is turn a shirt inside out, wash it, then put it on a drying rack.

or just don’t dry it on high, do a medium heat to prevent shrinking.

I machine dried my first one and it shrank
so much (even on low heat) it was
unwearable. Always air dry! Shirts
last longer that way too!

I machine dry. I like wearing it when it’s all warm and cozy. :slight_smile: