Do you play The Sims? Have any recommendations for me?

I’m a huge boardgamer, but love all games really. Mostly play on PC and right now I’m back to playing The Sims 4. Through the forum I learned about and watched Tiger King on Netflix and then proceeded to find the most amazing creations in the E.A. Gallery.

On the small chance that others played, I wanted to share my favorite families so far and find out if anyone else had recommended families or lots they always play with so I can add it to my game. Please share! :smiley:

My favorite TK Sims so far?

Created by backwoodsbarbe - this one still amazes me. I struggle with creating pets and the tiger skins are out of this world, but its that panda that I love!

Created by JuliAnnah - sometimes I like to make multiple copies of a Sim in the same town. Like a cloning experiment gone wrong and see who comes out on top. I know…I’ve got a lot of time on my hands.

Created by katiec345 - just downloaded for the shirt, honestly.

Created by rae-madigan141 - My favorite lot because why not Tigers in Hawaii?

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Oh boy, you mentioned tiger king. @pepper114 is gonna freak out!


I don’t need the sims, but that is pretty sweet.


It literally took me a minute to realize who this was. OMG, this is awesome! :grin:


I know I’m a little obsessed with TK too, but it looks like we’re in good company lol.

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