Do you use math in your job?

I’m a math teacher and I want kids to know math is not useless.

If you do, please share your experience by filling a small form. It is an index of jobs and what type of math each requires.

Thanks a lot.

Is the form in Excel?

No, it’s a simple web form. Take a look and you’ll see. Thanks.

Without looking first, I’d guess an online web form.

edit: never mind.

Tomale said:

I was joking. It was an ill attempt at mathematical humor.

I looked at the form. I started to fill it out, even - then I realized it asked for name and email. I am not too keen on that. Sorry.

Good luck with your experiment! :slight_smile:

Name and email are optional.

I only use “clockematics” in this current position; it uses a simple formula -

DT - TH = TL
where DT = Departure Time; TH = Time Here; and TL = Time Left

Just kidding!

Actually, we use simple metrics to keep track of productivity - just basic arithmetic, really. I hate to skew your efforts by implying that math isn’t important - if not in a particular career field, then in everyday life - from bill paying to shopping to buying cars, homes, insurance, investing, etc . . .

But you know all that!

Best of luck . . . it can be a real challenge to show the relevance of anything these days!!

marketing uses tons of math.

statistics, and more statistics. let them know that behind every tv commercial or ad that they see are hundreds of pages of percentages.

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I love your “Volunteer Photochopper” slug in your sig!!

thanks, i take my sigs seriously

I have bene asked by my son who is in 8th grade, but in 9th grade math what on earth is a plane diagram (the thing that you mark points on like (-3,2)) usefull for other than to pas exams, if aneyone could help me answer my son that would be of great help.

I filled out the form. Can I set fire to him now?

Not yet. Give the poor guy a few more days. I did always hate math , still it’s not the teachers fault that math makes no sense at all. Except for one unit in algebra.

Does he play video games? Watch computer generated movies?
Every 2 dimensional (backgrounds, surfaces) and 3 dimensional (characters, cars, etc) thing in a computer generated program is created by the same process.
When they hook up a football player to one of those suits with all the dots all over it and film it to make realistic player motion for Madden 2006, it’s the same type of thing.
Also used in engineering -CAD (Computer Aided Design) to make a 3D computer model of a car, bridge, iPod case before it’s built.
The computers and programs do most of the work, but if your son doesn’t understand the very basic building blocks of what these programs are doing, he’ll be delivering pizzas to the guys who do.
And they drive nicer cars :wink:

Excellent context, Neo!

I’d like a large pepperoni and sausage pizza and a dozen buffalo wings with ranch dressing . . . and a diet Coke.

I’m surprised the Woot forums aren’t crawling with engineers.

Just the pre-toddler ones!

It’s 3/14. Happy Pi Day!

Yessir, Mr. Gman, sir; we’ll get that order right over to ya!
I’m pretty sure the ol’ Fiesta’s gonna start this time, without the push!

Thanks, that is definetly a better answer than i could ever have given.