Do you wish there was a so that we could separate some things?

Been a shirt wooter since the beginning, but I haven’t checked shirt.woot daily for a month or so because I gave up after the endless winning shirts that are simple drawings of kittens/puppies/ponies or other cute cartoon creatures.

I miss shirts like these:

being in the fog, instead of these (currently all in the fog):

And I was wondering if anyone out there agreed with me. I decided to make this post after today, when a wonderful shirt was posted, but I didn’t get to in time because I no longer check regularly.


I complained about it once in a derby, got these replies:

raevynpheather: “Most of us prefer cute to creative any day of the week. Cute makes you go squeeeee! Creative makes you go W T F?”

FutureFox: “As ridiculous of an idea as that may seem, it almost makes sense. I’m really getting sick of all these cute designs. I feel like there are less and less well drawn, clever shirt designs. More and more, they are childish, cutesy images of animals that older wooters want to buy for their kids.”

Makes you think that maybe it’s the older ones then that are voting and shelling the money out.

I agree, I posted something similar a few days ago.

At least maybe make a derby for artistic Ts that aren’t cute. Or make one of the winning Ts an artistic one, one a cute one, and one the next best or something.

I’m happy for yesterday’s shirt. First one I’ve bought in awhile, and there were 3 others in the derby on the same level that didn’t make it to sale. I would have bought all of them. I’m curious how many cute.wooters buy all the cute shirts.

I get that the people who vote are also usually the buyers, but making a spin off site might be good. Like maybe KidsShirt.woot and AdultShirt.woot or somehting. I’m sure it’s a lot of adults buying those shirts for themselves, but I don’t know another way of labeling it.